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Comment Re: And the moral of the story is... (Score 2) 727

Getting an engineering degree over here (Central Europe) means that it becomes part of my name. It is written in my driving license/ID card/passport/... in the field "Name". Some people also use it when introducing themselves such as "Hi, my name is engineer John Smith" (thought it is becoming less frequent nowadays). Now if I come over to Oregon, and do that or present my passport, I can be fined?

Comment Re:Distortion is fact. (Score 1) 321

You must have some type of distortion when projecting a map of a globe on a flat plane

You can make a non-distorting projection of Earth to a globe. You can also make the globe big enough so that the curvature is virtually indistinguishable from a flat plane in the area that fits in the classroom. Then you just cut off the parts of the globe that are not relevant to the lecture ;-)

Comment Re:Emergencies? (Score 1) 223

a) true, the pressure is 1atm. On how big area? What force does that mean?

b) the scenario that is, in my opinion, dangerous, is a rupture of the capsule that is pressurized to 1atm surrounded by near vacuum. Followed by a collapse of the tube that results from the pieces of the capsule flying in all directions.

However the biggest problem I see from my chair is keeping a relatively fragile tube stretching hundreds of kilometers airtight, undamaged and secure from pissed farmers, drunk idiots, gun fans, vandals and other similar factors.

Comment Re:FYI: No ISO download (Score 1) 195

I just keep some windows VMs around. On Win2008 server it failed outright. On W10 it exhausted the disk space after a short while. So I started to look around how big the beast actually is. The HW requirements says - up to 40GB; based on selected features. The offline installer can be forced to download less if you restrict it only one language (who would want a localized IDE??), e.g. with "--lang en-US" - which trims it down to ~19GB ... I think I'll pass for now.

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