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Comment Re:It's about landmass (Score 1) 467

Not that I"m against electric vehicles, but

Gasoline: Approximately 9.5 L/100km (average for 2015 model year)

Are you counting in trucks perhaps? Because I don't have a problem to stay below 7L/100km. In fact below 5 L/100km if driving long distances. This is on a benzine car. With diesel, it is even less.

times 2.31 kg CO2 emitted per L gasoline burned = 21.9 kg CO2 per 100 km traveled

Burning gasoline produces ~3 times mass than you started with? Mhm, I was not aware of that.

Comment Re:Google can tell me the definition of hypocrisy (Score 1) 350

As for "all-pervasive surveillance", Google does collect huge amounts of data, but after two years of trying pretty hard to test Google's defenses against internal employee hacking, I have to give Google an A+. .... I personally have not seen 1 byte of user data that I did not need to do my job, and I am easily in the top 1% of nosy Googlers.

So what are you saying? That Google collects the data and then promptly throws it into a black hole? Or Google collects the data but there is no human intervention and that makes it fine? Or that Google crunches the collected data and just sells the distillation to the highest bidder and that makes it fine?

Comment Re:Freedom of Speech matters more. (Score 1) 373

Someone can post horrible racist shit to people, and then ten people can post about what a douchebag the racist is, and make him look like a shithead

Just like in open source someone can look at the code and fix the bugs. Except seldom someone actually does. Just like seldom someone actually challenges stupid/dangerous speech. (I personally blame lack of education in the public.)

EU is just trying to legislate the problem away. That's what they do. If all you have is a hammer ...

I think everyone would gladly hear better proposals and why they should work.

Comment Re:Look up laws on booby traps (Score 1) 243

If you have a device who's only purpose is to destroy something and it goes and destroys something, well you are pretty likely to get in trouble for it.

Destroying something is sometimes a legitimate thing to do.

If have a hammer and I use it to smash a harddisk with confidential information because that hard disk is being replaced by a bigger and newer harddisk, then smashing the old harddisk is a legitimate purpose. If you decide to use the hammer as fuse, I warn you to not use it as fuse and you do that anyway - who can blame me?

Comment Re:Ob. xkcd (Score 2) 978

I'm bit out of the loop, so could you, please, help me out: I understand that if I express my views on Slashdot and Slashdot does not like them, they can remove my posts. Their server, their rules. That's fine. Now I have my own domain and my own hosting. Can the NIC (which is a private entity) delist my domain because they don't like the content? Can the web hosting company (another private company) cancel my hosting, because they don't like my content? Can their upstream provider (yet another private company) ask my web hosting to remove my content under the threat of canceling the connectivity? How deep does this go? Is the only protected form of the speech the soap box in the park?

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