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Comment Need shirts urgently for Brisbane, Australia party (Score 0) 46

I'm willing to cover the postage costs I'm in the process of finding people to attend but will need shirts or some other memorabilia to make it seem like a real Slashdot party....If an admin could email me that would be appreciated or if anyone know's an email I can contact to get some that would be good.


Comment People (Score 0) 3

I'm hoping to get a few Redditors to come along too as well as personal friends of my own. As I contact people I will hope they add to the 15 birthday party and we can get some free shirt's for all (or most).

Comment An (Score 2, Interesting) 354

As the one's who stood up for us all.
The one's we can tell our children about.
The good guys not the bad guys.
They are victims and Scientology is and always will be a cult and more to the point. If Anonymous always needs to hide they're faces it's quite obvious they have reason to be frightened.

Lest we forget the one's who take them on they are our neighbours, our friends maybe even your family.
Keep up the work guys and gals!

Company Announces $30,000 Prize For Solving iPhone Game 85

dlpasco writes "Puzzllotto. The game, styled after titles such as Myst and Zork, will be available in the iPhone App Store later this week for $4.99. 10% of the sales revenue from the game will go to the Madagascar Fauna Group. At this point, only US citizens may participate in the contest but it has been stated that UL wishes to make future events world wide. 'Even though Puzzllotto represents a significant investment of engineering and legal resources, the company refuses to apply for patents on any invention. Instead, the company hopes to share its investment with other developers through its site, while the company's ten employees hope Puzzllotto will raise enough money to capitalize bigger dreams.'" This could also be seen as a test for greed, since the prize money will only start at $1,000 and will grow by $1,000 each day for 30 days, at which point, if no one has solved it, the entire pot will be donated to charity.

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