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Submission + - CCTV Catwoman hunted on Facebook ( 3

VoiceOfDoom writes: A woman caught on CCTV dumping a cat into a wheelie bin where it was trapped for 15 hours was hunted — and found — on Facebook last night after the owners of Lola the cat posted the footage on a page titled "Help Find The Woman Who Put My Cat In The Bin". Mary Bale, of Coventry, was recognised and is now under police protection after threats of violence were posted on the group's wall. The group has now been closed, but many others have sprung up hosting a variety of troll posts and disproportionate reactions.

Submission + - Linux kernel 2.6.32 released

diegocg writes: Linus Torvalds has oficially released the version 2.6.32 of the Linux kernel. New features include virtualization memory de-duplicacion, a rewrite of the writeback code faster and more scalable, many important Btrfs improvements and speedups, ATI R600/R700 3D and KMS support and other graphic improvements, a CFQ low latency mode, tracing improvements including a "perf timechart" tool that tries to be a better bootchart, soft limits in the memory controller, support for the S+Core architecture, support for Intel Moorestown and its new firmware interface, run time power management support, and many other improvements and new drivers. See the full changelog for more details.

Submission + - iPhone Privacy Issues (

Ardisson writes: Swiss iPhone developer Nicolas Seriot presented last night a talk on iPhone Privacy in Geneva. He showed how a malicious application could harvest personal data on a non jailbroken iPhone and without using private APIs. It turns out that the email accounts, the keyboard cache content and the wifi connection logs are fully accessible. The talk puts up several recommandations. There is also a demo project on github

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