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Submission + - Federal Spending Tracker Online (

FiniteElementalist writes: Champions for government transparency can now view some of the fruits of their labor as is online. This site provides easy access to a plethora of searchable data about US Federal Government spending, such as federal contracts and assistance. It also provides an API for small scale accesses to the available data. was created as a result of the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act of 2006 introduced by Senators Coburn (R-OK) and Obama (D-IL).
(PS Don't get too worried about the red warning text at the bottom, other than you shouldn't setup automated or bulk data gathering from the site.)


Submission + - The Corporate Tech Support Divide

theodp writes: "Even as they outsource IT, BusinessWeek reports that top execs still enjoy 24/7 in-house tech concierge assistance while the rank-and-file have to call India, fomenting help-desk rage. While lower-ranking employees fume about losing productive hours, CEOs have elite tech squads at their beck-and-call even on weekends to buy a replacement for that malfunctioning Blackberry or to set up equipment — including the kids' — at the house in the Hamptons."

Submission + - Rush to deploy virtualisation leaves security gaps (

ramboando writes: Server virtualisation is a no-brainer — it's quick to deploy and easy to justify in terms of cost-savings but too many companies are deploying the technology without considering the security implications. In the past, industry analysts such as Gartner have made warnings about virtualisation security lapses.

In this report, ZDNet Australia looks at some of the pitfalls and promises of virtualisation security.


Submission + - BP Uses PayPerPost & AdSense to Fight Tree-Hug

theodp writes: "According to this forum discussion, oil giant BP is using PayPerPost bloggers (sample propaganda) as well as Google Ads (look familiar, Slashdotters?) to try to convince folks that more pollution is a good thing. But it looks like they've got some more convincing to do — the House voted 387-26 Wednesday to urge Indiana to reconsider its approval of a permit allowing BP to dump more pollutants into Lake Michigan."

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