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Submission + - Facebook Prevents Women From Logging On (

jhernik writes: Thousands of women found themselves locked out of their Facebook accounts 16 November due to a bug in the social network.

According to Facebook spokesperson Simon Axten, the problem was created by a bug in a system designed to find and root out fake accounts. Though the issue was fixed within hours, the site is still working to restore some of the affected accounts, Axten told eWEEK.

According to Axten, the site is still assessing the impact of the bug and could not provide details about exactly how many accounts were affected, though he believes it to be “only a very small percentage.”


Xbox Live Pricing To Go Up To $60 Per Year 199

donniebaseball23 writes "Microsoft has raised the annual price of Xbox Live Gold to $60, which is a price hike of $10. The new price goes into effect on November 1, but gamers can lock in the current Xbox Live price by renewing now. EEDAR analyst Jesse Divnich is not surprised by the move, nor does he think it will really have much impact on the Xbox momentum."
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Researchers Reprogram Voting Machine To Run Pac-man Screenshot-sm 132

Philom writes "Numerous scientific studies have demonstrated that electronic voting machines can be reprogrammed to steal votes, so when researchers Alex Halderman and Ari Feldman got their hands on a machine called the Sequoia AVC Edge, they decided to do something different: they reprogrammed it to run Pac-Man. As states move away from insecure electronic voting, there's a risk that discarded machines will clog our landfills. Fortunately, these results show that voting machines can be recycled to provide countless hours of entertainment."

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