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Submission + - German government wants Google to pay for the right to link to news sites (

presroi writes: "Al Jazeera is reporting on the current state of plans by the German government to amend the national copyright law. The so-called "Leistungsschutzrecht" (neighbouring right) for publishers is introducing the right for press publishers to demand financial compensation if a company such as Google wants to link to their web site. Since the New York Times reported on this issue in March this year, two draft bills have been released by the Minister of Justice and have triggered strong criticism from the entire political spectrum in Germany, companies and activist bloggers.

(Full disclosure: I am being quoted by Al Jazeera in this article)"


Submission + - Green Party Releases International Joint Statement Criticising the TPP (

Dangerous_Minds writes: ZeroPaid is reporting that the New Zealand, Australian and Canadian Green Party have released a joint statement on the secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement (TPP). Among the concerns are the secretive nature of the talks and "could hinder access to safe, affordable medicines, weaken local content rules for media, stifle high-tech innovation, and even restrict the ability of future governments to legislate for the good of public health and the environment." ZeroPaid also notes that the statement is starting to appear in New Zealand and Australian media.

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