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Journal Journal: eBay Phishing

eBay is not exactly a brain trust, but this is a new low. Yesterday I recieved an email purportedly from eBay saying:

Earn eBay Bucks for your purchases*
-- then get 30 days to splurge!
Dear [my eBay username],
You're one of a select few invited to try out a new program we're testing to reward loyal eBay shoppers.
What do you have to do? Just sign up. It's fast, easy and absolutely free. We'll track your qualifying purchases* from May 15 to August 14 and rack up your eBay Bucks. Then you get 30 days to spend* them on eBay on something you love.
Hurry, participation in this test program is limited so sign up soon!

Then there was a button that said Learn More
OK, I clicked the button. It opened a web page that had a link to And there is the kicker: a link to ... sign up... So I'm all Mr. Youcan'tfoolme. This is Phishing. Right? Wrong! This is a genuine eBay email, at least that is what they told me when I submitted it. The stupidest part was this, at the top of the email they said:

eBay sent this message to [my real name] ([my eBay username]).
Your registered name is included to show this message originated from eBay.

So that is now the proof?! You just broadcast my registered name over the internet, but that makes it proof that this is a genuine email. WTF?

And this despite, of course, all of eBay's anti-phishing warnings saying stuff like "If an email or website asks for personal financial information, assume it's fake until you hear from us." These folks are loopy! The sad part is that all they had to do was instruct me to check my messages through their message app, and put the link in there. Since I would already be signed in, they wouldn't have to ask me to sign in again. Or any number of other best practice type methods. But no! They just send out an "originated from eBay" message and Bob's yer uncle.

Hello? Maybe they shouldn't have gotten rid of Meg Whitman so quickly. Me thinks that they have gone from bad to worse. Anyway, now I am going to go sign up for eBay Bucks. Hey, they pwn us, no? I mean where else can you buy stuff for so dern cheap? :D

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