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Comment Re:Cuz Minix Dude Was A Old Guy (Score 1) 469

I think that the reasons Linus started the project in the first place are what really brought in most of the early users (I know I shared a lot of them).

Certainly #1 on your list was the decider for me, since I was a struggling college student and couldn't afford anything better than a 386SX, and desperately wanted to be able to run something Unixy at home.

Comment Re:Law of supply and demand (Score 1) 285

Even the supply of immigrant labor is starting to dry up at current wages (per OP).

That is definitely a sign that the wages are too low.

If the wages can't be raised without killing the other side of the market, it means that the market for strawberries harvested with human labor is simply unsustainable.

Comment Re:Allow me to be the first to call bullshit. (Score 1) 285

It's not just a matter of "paying a living wage", it has to be a wage high enough to lure people out of the city to do the job, into the unknown countryside.

That, and city kids will take time to adjust to the physically demanding work, so they won't be as productive at first, either, and trying to force things will result in even more injuries than normal (farm work is already some of the most dangerous out there).

So the farmers would end up stuck paying more for less, the workers would be stressed and unhappy, and everybody loses.

The migrant laborers who do this work year after year actually know what they are doing, and their labor is woefully undervalued.

Comment Re:pfsense (Score 1) 403

I've been opting out from Gnome for ages, and I just had to uninstall Pulseaudio on a Fedora 21 installation to fix audio there (premature deployment by Canonical, my ass), so what constitutes "easy choices" for me might not be conceivable for others.

I've just never been the sort of person to impose my somewhat ascetic tastes in computing on others.

Comment Re:He tried patenting it... (Score 1) 986

Or it may never have been in the device to begin with:
"The dummy reactor was switched on at 12:20 PM of 24 February 2014 by Andrea Rossi who gradually brought it to the power level requested by us. Rossi later intervened to switch off the dummy, and in the following subsequent operations on the E-Cat: charge insertion, reactor startup, reactor shutdown and powder charge extraction"

Comment Start with bad assumptions (Score 3, Insightful) 133

Get bad results.

Agriculture has been advancing as fast as any other technology field.

Here are some recent developments:
and GPS is becoming important to farm competitiveness:

None of this depending on massive fixed installations, so it can be used cost effectively over thousands of acres of fields.

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