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Comment Re:RIPTerm (Score 1) 181

I added decent RIPScrip support to my Flash telnet client, but awhile ago I ported to javascript/canvas/websocket and never really made as much progress with the RIPScrip stuff. I really should go back and try to finish that off a bit better...

It's a little frustrating because none of the BGI drawing methods are open source, and so getting pixel perfect accuracy is difficult, which can cause serious issues (ie a misplaced pixel followed by a flood fill can escape what should have been the bounding area and flood the screen)

Comment Re:Shared hosting (Score 1) 135

Another option would be to add a TXT record with the challenge-response to the DNS. Control of the DNS literally means controlling the domain.

That's a planned feature, sadly it was considered low priority for the beta launch. Hopefully it'll be implemented in the next few months though.

Comment Re:editing (Score 2) 272

Hard to tell. My interpretation is that prices have dropped somewhere between 31 and 13 cents per year over the last three years. So one of the three years saw a 31 cent drop, another of the three years saw a 13 cent drop, and another of the three years saw a drop somewhere in between.

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