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Comment Re:Shared hosting (Score 1) 135

Another option would be to add a TXT record with the challenge-response to the DNS. Control of the DNS literally means controlling the domain.

That's a planned feature, sadly it was considered low priority for the beta launch. Hopefully it'll be implemented in the next few months though.

Comment Re:editing (Score 2) 272

Hard to tell. My interpretation is that prices have dropped somewhere between 31 and 13 cents per year over the last three years. So one of the three years saw a 31 cent drop, another of the three years saw a 13 cent drop, and another of the three years saw a drop somewhere in between.

Comment Re:Improving the performance by more than 100% (Score 4, Insightful) 167

Am I having an English fail, or are they having a Math fail?

Mr. Smith's salary has increased by 350% over the past 20 years. If his original salary was $22,000 per year, what is his current salary?
First change 350% to a decimal: 350% = 3.5
Next, multiply the original salary by the decimal number: (22000) x (3.5) = 77000
After 20 years Mr. Smith's salary has increased from $22,000 to $77,000 per year.

Didn't his salary increase by $77,000, from $22,000 to $99,000?

To simplify it, if his salary had increased by 100% would that mean he was now making $22,000 (their logic) or $44,000 (my logic)?

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