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Comment Re:Innovative companies fail a lot, MSFT included (Score 1) 488

You may be right about innovation. But the FA is not about innovation. Compare MS to IBM, the former 'empire'. It's all about market cap and profits, and in that area MS certainly has been falling behind.

There was a time when technology companies were all about innovation, but we are now seeing the commodization of computing, where it doesn't matter how advanced you are as long as you have the largest market share, which may be gained by innovation but might as well be achieved by fashion sense or plain marketing.

MS lost the internet wave, they lost the mobile wave, they certainly have lost the walled garden wave. The new 'empire' is Apple like it or not, and it's not about innovation now, but profits and market share. Nothing wrong with being the new 'new IBM', but they are no longer at the forefront of technology companies when measured in $$$, they may be behind even Google now.

Comment Re:AMAZINGLY stupid on the US/NZ government... (Score 1) 235

It's only stupid if you think it was about upholding the law to take down an illegal enterprise, which it wasn't. It was to send a message to all other sites: 'you could be next'.
And now the message is complete: we did this, it was illegal and your business is over and even the local government admits it, an yet there will be no consequences for those who did it.
So, it's a nice little service you have here, would be a shame if something happened to it.

Submission + - Python's heart grows 40% after feeding (

ram.loss writes: An article in Science Magazine suggests that the heart of a burmese python (Python molars) grows up to 40% after having a big meal. Apparently, a combination of fatty acids is responsible for this reaction, as it was observed by a team of molecular biologists at the University of Colorado. When mice got injected with the same combination a similar reaction was observed, opening the door for studies exploring the application of these chemical compounds to treat some cardiac diseases.

Submission + - Police called to stop a man giving away money (

ram.loss writes: According to Reuters, the police at the german town of Aschaffenburg got a report of a possible scam, but it turned out to be just was a pensioner giving away celebration. There was nothing the police could do "because after all there's no law against giving away your own money to passing strangers"

Comment Re:Correlation is NOT causation (Score 1) 366

How is this science? A slate article siting the economist?

Bingo!, that should be a dead giveaway, the author is not trying to publish some paper. Wonder what exactly is he trying to do?...

All this stuff about toxo changing the development of society is entertaining speculation but no data is presented here to make it more than that.

Oh, I see.

I think a brief look at the context should indicate that this article is aimed at entertaining with some speculation, wouldn't you think? I would save the scientific criticism until it appears on Science or Nature

Comment Re:Good News is... (Score 1) 366

But the thing is, this tournament is for football players, not the population in general. Furthermore, one would think that nowadays it is aimed at professional football players.

But regardless, your analysis has not considered the additional complication of national football federations; each one has a certain number of affiliates, which may or may not reflect the total population of a nation.

Comment Re:Ask the other divisions? (Score 1) 130

Yes, there will be talks with representatives of all divisions. We're just in the process of gathering the necessary information to at least have something concrete to talk about.
Another factor to consider is the fact that the IT department at the central offices is not as undermanned, although they have their hands full. So I need to cooperate with them if a solution is eventually adopted.

Comment Re:Possibly Lotus Domino; Need more info (Score 1) 130

I want to thank all the answers so far, in spite of the blurry account of the problem I have. I now have better understanding of what kind of project I'm facing.

As I have mentioned in a previous post; currently, a "document" is a printed paper that has a signature written with a pen on it. Oversimplifying, the proposal boils down to converting these to (probably) pdf files with an equivalent method of "signing" them and confirming to auditors that the stored files have not been tampered with after signing.

I think Domino is a good option, specially because there are some people within the company (not me) that have some experience with it. But there is still the matter of costs and personnel and even before that the question of how much it is an improvement over the current situation.

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