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Comment Re:what if the E-God Osiris gets mad? (Score 2) 36

In the year 2169, Bennu has a 1/2700 chance of Earth impact. It is too small to be an ELE, but it would be thousands of times bigger than the Chelyabinsk meteor.

We will all be dead long before then. I mean didn't anyone on the team that developed this thing watch The Andromeda Strain (the original, not the remake)?!?

No, I don't actually think that will happen, but then again, sometimes life imitates art :)

-- RN

Comment Re:Seems legit... (Score 1) 87

Ross Ulbricht is serving life in prison building a website to buy and sell shit that should be legal (well, most of it) anyway.

Didn't he try to have someone murdered?

If that was the case why wasn't he convicted of 1st degree murder? Honest question....

I believe in innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The charges that he was *CONVICTED* of do _NOT_ warrant a life sentence. If he had been convicted of 5 attempts at murder for hire, THAT would warrant a life sentence. You can't (well obviously you can, or he wouldn't have gotten life) sentence someone based on what you THINK they did. The sentencing should be based on the crimes they were charged and convicted of.

But I'm a Libertarian, and I will be feeling the Johnson come November, so what do I know....

Comment Seems legit... (Score 1) 87

So, they want to kill Snowden -- or at the very least lock him away for life, and he is an American hero.

Ross Ulbricht is serving life in prison building a website to buy and sell shit that should be legal (well, most of it) anyway.

Hillary Clinton commits treason, and goes free.

But this dude, sells military secrets to the Russians, and 10 years.... yep ... seems legit to me.

Comment Re: Anything but Windows... (Score 1) 160

I don't really consider myself an ideologist (evangelist?) when it comes to operating systems -- or at least I didn't. I had used an MS OS on my PCs since DOS 2.11 up to and including Windows 7. At first I used MS because there was no reasonable alternative -- there was so much that you HAD to have Windows for. When XP came out, I used it because I liked it. Same for Vista, and then Win 7. When 8 came out, I decided it was time to get my mouth of the MS teat. What I found was that I could accomplish my normal "consumer" tasks with ANY OS. GNU/Linux, *BSD, OS X, Android, iOS, etc...etc... The world had become OS agnostic *finally*. It is a real shame that most people still think they NEED an MS OS. Errrr -- nope. For the average consumer you can use any OS you want. Hell, for most people they will find that Android or iOS will serve them better. I have a wireless charger, wireless display, BT keyboard/mouse. I plop my phone on the charger and it pairs up with everything, and that is what I use for 95% of my computing needs. When I need to do development work, I have a workstation (running Mint) that I use VNC to connect to.

TL;DR: Except for a few enterprise applications, you NO LONGER need Windows -- PERIOD! I wish more companies would offer their products without an OS.

Comment Re:They are the best in some aspects (Score 1) 456

settings -> notifications -> apps

You can choose to mute all notifications per app, or to allow priority notifications per app. Unfortunately in 5.x the developer decides what is a "priority" notification, so your millage may vary if you choose that route. Google is working on updating this to allow YOU to decide what is a priority notification.

As for the Gmail widget, you are correct, you have to create a widget per mailbox. I am still looking for a good email widget...

Comment Re:Right ... (Score 1) 117

Did you miss the part where the games are not compatible with 5.1? Unless the author of the games feel like updating them, what is Nvidia supposed to do? Would you have them leave the games and waste storage space -- makes sense -- SMH.

This is not even in the same REALM as what Sony did with the PS3. Sony had absolutely no reason to remove the functionality, and it wasn't optional. I have the SHEILD tablet and I have deliberately kept it on 4.4 because I can't STAND 5.x, and I have yet to come across anything that said: "You need 5.0 or above to use this".

Or, wait, let me throw another possibility out there... You would have Nvidia replace the two games with two other games? Yea, that is fair...

You want the games, don't upgrade. You don't care, upgrade.

Comment Uhh durrrrrr (Score 1) 244

'ell I mus' ba dum az shit -- an' Ima keep gettin' stupider.

Really? Eat a BALANCED fucking diet and you will be just fucking fine. Food scare 2015... *sigh*

I love the morons that don't have Celiac disease, but OMG TH3 GLUTENS they are killing me!!!!

I have given up on not laughing my ass off if I am out and someone I am with asks for gluten free and I say: "Holy SHIT! You have Celiac disease?!? I didn't know" ... reply: "No, it just makes me feel bad". Whatever.....

Comment Re:I wonder... (Score 1, Interesting) 277

If this had been done with Windows 8, would it have been successful? Or is Windows 8 so bad Microsoft couldn't give it away. What's keeping people in Windows 7 doesn't really seem to be the cost...

You are wondering about Windows 8? I really don't think this is going to work with Windows 10 either. Yes, they have made a lot of changes, but those changes have only pissed off the tablet users. So now you have an OS that not only desktop users don't want to use, but tablet users don't want it either.

In the build 10147 release notes is states:

"When the user upgrades from Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, they are now able to downgrade to the earlier operating system, as expected"

Maybe Microsoft already knows something....

Comment Re:I feel proud as an American! (Score 1) 500

Well, I have two words for them -- FUCK YOU!

If they don't mind being spied on, then repeal the 4th amendment (there is a process for that). For now however, we have the 4th amendment, so they can go cower in their homes like the little pussies that they are.

Fucking un-American ass-holes.

Comment Re:STFU Obama, you're a fucking traitor!! (Score 5, Insightful) 389

I am pretty sure that they were referring to the 4th amendment (from Wikipedia):

"The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."

Now I'm a Libertarian, and I read that as: "If you don't have a fucking warrant, then you don't get to collect SHIT. No metadata, no *actual* data, no GPS data, nothing. It is real simple, if you are trying to build a case against me, then you had better have a warrant to collect ANY data (at least that is the way it should be). In reality, there is no constitution any more -- it is just a faded memory.

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