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Comment Re:Hunters.. (Score 1) 1010

I'll believe the "10 hour battery life and 1 month of standby" line once real independent reviewers have had them in their hands for a couple of weeks/months. I've lived through enough decades of oversold battery promises, from Apple and everyone else, to buy it from the press release.

Comment Re:So that means that by 2015... (Score 3, Insightful) 346

It's been my professional experience that a nice percentage of drive failures happen because of the logic board going out, not mechanical. Of course, it could be the heat that's killing them.

It's too soon to tell, but I'm a little skittish regarding SSD technology. It's getting better, but I'll wait a few more product generations before using them in SQL servers. With HDD crashes, at least the data can be professionally recovered to some degree. But what about SSDs? If the controller dies and/or a PSU fries every chip, I'm afraid all the data would be lost forever!

Only a historical record of this new technology will determine my level of trust in the future.

Comment Re:Vodka (Score 1) 770

The day that happens, a new operating system will be created so that programming geeks can have a usable operating system...

Not really - after all, we already have the BSDs.

Wich is why I really hope that Linux goes the "user friendly" way, while BSDs stay the way they are. Thing is, BSDs are much better at it - at least they're consistent. You don't see a lot of shiny with an occasional patch that looks and smells like it was written by a bearded guy in a basement; no, what you get is an entire OS, every single bit of which looks and smells like it was written by a bearded guy in a basement.

And consistency is good.

Comment Re:I sure hope they get this patent (Score 1) 342

I could imagine them using it in a very sensible place: the AppleTV. It could allow them to offer a Hulu-like service with free downloads of TV shows, provided you're willing to watch ads during normal commercial breaks. Of course, the media companies would only agree to such a deal if Apple could offer strong assurances that users would actually be forced to watch the ads and not bypass them somehow.

And how would that really be different or worse than Hulu or cable TV?

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