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Submission + - The Real Science Gap (

walterbyrd writes: 'It’s not insufficient schooling or a shortage of scientists. It’s a lack of job opportunities. Americans need the reasonable hope that spending their youth preparing to do science will provide a satisfactory career.' — I can hardly believe that somebody actually understands the present situation.

Comment Re:Congrats TSA/Al Queda (Score 1) 888


I'm of the opinion that the TSA should be required to set up a fake airport security checkpoint. And anyone can pay $25 to go through it. The security can be as tight as possible, but they have to actually follow the rules they use at real checkpoints. On the other side, you have access to anything that would be sold in an airport or on an airplane, along with private areas to put things together.

Anything anyone gets on the other side should remove the rules barring similar items.

Within two hours, someone will have managed to smuggle razor blades through. (Probably inside a laptop.) Other people will have disassembled their luggage handles to make spears.

Within a few hours, people cycling in and out will have collected several gallons of 'explosive' liquid in a private area.

Oh, and we've already demonstrated that people who are on the terrorist watch list can fly on airplanes without fake IDs. (Buy the ticket under a fake name, present a fake boarding pass and real ID to the security checkpoint, and then use your real boarding pass to get on whatever plane you want.)

There's a guy up there who's a real security airplane expert who is pointing out 'violations of quarantine' and stuff like that, where people could presumably get stuff on airplanes without going through security screening.

But that is a failure of process. And even I can tell that, even if the process were perfect, even if we could magically keep exactly the stuff off planes we want to keep off planes, that you could replicate almost everything in some way by what is allowed. And I'm not some sort of McGuyer-ish genius.

Oh, and this instance demonstrates the same thing with the no-fly list. Even if people on the no-fly list could be kept off planes, apparently there's plenty of reported terrorists on FBI watchlists who aren't on the no-fly list. Whereas there are a lot of people on the no-fly list who clearly shouldn't be there. It's not just a failure of process, it's a failure of design that is totally obscured by the failure of process!

At some point we're going to have to start some civil disobedience. Buy tickets, go through security checkpoints with no prohibited items, and start assembling a large collect of liquids, or building spears and knifes and garrotes right past the checkpoint, using legal items, in blatant view of everyone. Get ten people, arm a goddamn army, and try to get on your plane.

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