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Submission + - Tattoos for the Math and Science Geek 7

An anonymous reader writes: I've been thinking of getting a sleeve of math and science tattoos for quite a while now. With the money saved up, the only question remaining is, what equations/ideas should I get? I know for certain that I'm going to include some of Maxwell's equations, and definitely Ohm's Law. So, if you were going to put a tribute to the great math and science minds on your body forever, which ones would you choose?

Comment Re:The important question: (Score 4, Funny) 359

When are the "cheerleaders getting dressed" videos going to leak? You know someone was making them...

I didn't know you were into that. I'll borrow my mom's car after this hot pocket and go by salvation army today to get a cheerleader outfit and e-mail the video to you. Not sure what the odds are that they'll have a 3xl cheerleader skirt though...

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