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Wireless Networking

Submission + - Revisiting the State of WLAN Support on Linux ( 1

gehrehmee writes: Just over 4 years ago, Slashdot hosted a discussion on the "State of WLAN Support on Linux", reaching over 600 comments, most on the dire state of linux wireless support at the time. What's changed since then? Various lists of network-manager related bugs grows constantly, to say nothing of bug reports against many kernel components. Most reports going unsolved, and debugging information is scarce. Inability to get onto the Internet is one of the first things that can scare away a potential Linux user, yet out-of-the-box support for wireless still seems like a dream. Is there something fundamentally wrong with the Linux wireless development model? Are the tools deficient? Are the drivers lacking? All of the above? What's going on, and what can be done better?

Submission + - SPAM: Judge Throws Out Craigslist Lawsuit

itwbennett writes: A judge in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois has dismissed a lawsuit charging Craigslist with facilitating prostitution. 'While we accept as true the plaintiff's allegation that users routinely flout Craigslist's guidelines it is not because Craigslist has caused them to do so,' the judge wrote in his dismissal of the case. 'Intermediaries are not culpable for 'aiding and abetting' their customers who misuse their services to commit unlawful acts.'
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Comment So? (Score 1) 104

We'll go to SIP, XMPP with Jingle & Co. I certainly couldn't care less, as I never saw the point in yet another video-capable instant messenger or alternatively another proprietary SIP clone.

Comment Re:Why is the focus on patentability of processes? (Score 1) 121

I'd rather see submarine patents be got rid of

Submarine patents are no longer a serious issue. Patents now expire 20 years from the date of filing, so keeping a patent application stuck in the patent office forever is a good way to end up with an expired patent, which is not particularly useful. Furthermore patent applications are now published after 18 months, so the world is put on notice fairly early on in the patent application process.

There may be a few submarines left from the pre-June 8, 1995 days, but as an ongoing problem they are nonexistent.


Submission + - ARM: heretic in the church of Intel, Moore's Law ( 1

ericatcw writes: For 30+ years, the PC industry has been as obsessed with under-the-hood performance: MIPs, MHz, transistors per chip. Blame Moore's Law, which effectively laid down the Gospel of marketing PCs like sports cars. But with mobile PCs and green computing coming to the fore, enter ARM, which is challenging the Gospel according to Moore with chips that are low-powered in both senses of the word. Some of its most popular CPUs have 100,000 transistors, fewer than a 12 MHz Intel 286 CPU from 1982 (download PDF). But they also consume as little as a quarter of a watt, which is why netbook makers are embracing them. It's "megahertz per milli-watt,"that counts, according to ARM exec Ian Drew, who predicts that 6-10 ARM-based netbooks running Linux and costing just around $200 should arrive this year starting in July.
The Courts

Submission + - Appeals Court Rules Against Google on Keyword Ads (

Eric Goldman writes: "The Second Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against Google in Rescuecom v. Google, a trademark infringement lawsuit over Google's keyword advertising practices. The court said: "The Complaint's allegations that Google's recommendation and sale of Rescuecom's mark to Google's advertisers, so as to trigger the appearance of their advertisements and links in a manner likely to cause consumer confusion when a Google user launches a search of Rescuecom's trademark, properly alleges a claim under the Lanham Act." While this result hampers Google's ability to end trademark lawsuits early, the case is still at an early stage and Google could still win."

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