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Submission + - Tens of Thousands of Adult Website Accounts Hacked ( 3

Keith writes: "Tens of thousands — or maybe more — accounts to adult websites were recently declared compromised and apparently have been that way since sometime in October, 2007. The issue occurred when the NATS software used to track and manage sales and affiliate revenues was accessed by an intruder, who apparently discovered a list of admin passwords residing on an unsecured office server at Too Much Media, which makes and maintains NATS installations for adult companies. It would appear that Too Much Media knew of the exploit back in October, and rather than fixing the issue tried to bury it by threatening to sue anyone in the adult industry who talked about it."
PC Games (Games)

Submission + - Blizzard Taking It To Gold Sellers and Buyers

Samalie writes: It appears Blizzard may finally be taking a fatal shot at IGE, providers of WoW Gold & Powerleveling.

The State of Florida has issued a subponea demanding pretty much everything IGE has on their own operations, as well as account/player names for everyone they've ever sold gold or services to.

Looks like the lamighty banstick may be coming out at Blizzard....but estimates are that upwards of 25% of their monthly paying customers have at one time bought gold. Will Blizzard really chop out 1/4 of their subscriber base?

Read the subponea here, and the full article here.

Submission + - The Screens Of The Future (transparent OLED) (

indigor writes: First flat screen technology was Liquid Crystal Display technology (LCD), then plasma, then Surface-conduction Electron-emitter (SED) and now Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED). Scientists at the Fraunhofer succeeded in constructing transparent OLED displays. They used light-emitting polymers. When Fraunhofer Institute made them transparent they have opened up a whole new world of possibilities. Now it is possible to make display panels in laminated glass.

Submission + - BSA urges congress to pass cyber crime legislation (

An anonymous reader writes: The Business Software Alliance (BSA) today urged Congress to swiftly enact cyber crime legislation that would update criminal laws to provide law enforcement with much-needed tools to find and prosecute cyber criminals.
Data Storage

Submission + - Why CNBC chose Apple for its primary storage ( 1

Ian Lamont writes: "Computerworld has written about CNBC and its storage infrastructure. Instead of relying on bigger vendors like NetApp or EMC for its primary storage, the cable news channel turned to an Apple Xsan. It's one of the few Apple SANs that the writer has seen in a data center of this size: 'Most corporations simply don't trust Apple — primarily because their infrastructure is Windows and Unix — to put it in their data center, much less to use it for their primary network storage,' he writes. Part of the reason why CNBC chose Apple is the CNBC graphics team uses Macs for a lot of their work, but cost and scalability figured into their choice, as well. There's a brief video interview accompanying the story, featuring CNBC's graphics engineer explaining the Xsan setup."
The Internet

Submission + - The Kremlin Tightens Its Grip on the Internet (

reporter writes: "According to a report just published by "The Washington Post", the percentage of Russian adults having access to the Internet has risen from 8% in 2002 to 25% in 2007. This growth has attracted the attention of the Kremlin. Its allies are creating pro-Kremlin web sites and are purchasing web sites known for high-quality independent journalism. Pro-Kremlin bloggers have used their skills to bury news about anti-Kremlin demonstrations: at Russian news portals, web links to news about pro-Kremlin rallies consistently rank higher than web links to news about anti-Kremlin demonstrations.

The most disturbing development is that the Kremlin intends to develop a Russian Internet which is separate from the global Internet. Russian officials are studying the techniques that the Chinese use to censor the Internet."


Submission + - Over 70,000 phished myspace passwords released! ( 4

Sniper223 writes: "Over 70,000 phished and stolen myspace passwords have been released by *channers (calling themselves Anonymous and blaming it on Ebaumsworld, as always). They seem to be releasing the accounts in some form of javascript-rich HTML page, which automatically logs you in as you select your targets. I must admit, it's pretty well made considering where it's coming from. There's an easy to read mirror (most of them seem to be rapidshare uploads of the pages themselves) here:, and here: (Note: these links are currently down)."

Submission + - Tattoos, what do you think about the ink?

WannaBeGeekGirl writes: /.'ers you represent a unique and interesting demographic and that makes your opinion useful.

I've done my share of research up to this point about tattoos. Even though tattoos aren't forever anymore due to skin laser treatment technology, the ink is on your skin so I consider it a personal subject on some level. Therefore, I started out by talking to people that had tattoos and listening to their stories. There are plenty of resources in the old school media that I've been watching for the last three years. Magazines, tv series and books are loaded with information about the subject from many points of view. Sorting through the online resources is even more intimidating. Whether you google, skip around on webrings or approach it from a customer's perspective like most topics, the amount of data is overwhelming. I believe the moderation system here and the demographic I mentioned earlier will help me mine some useful data more efficiently. We might even start some interesting discussion and see some nifty art.

To be clear, I'm not asking for your opinions about a specific tattoo for me personally, but on the subject in general. I'm looking for your input based on personal experiences, resources you can share and other helpful creative discussion.

Submission + - Double The Speeding Tickets!

fesseur writes: "

The UK is deploying 4,000 new digital cameras to replace those using film to take pictures of speeding cars. Since the older cameras use up their film after two hundred shots they are expecting 120 million pounds sterling each year to be added to the coffers of the Treasury.

Besides shooting thousands of pictures and monitoring four lanes of traffic, the new cameras "...are also fitted with automatic number-plate recognition technology which alerts police if a wanted vehicle passes." <From The Telegraph> Lets monitor everyone all the time and see where they are and who they are talking to and what they are talking about. What place did George Orwell write about again?

Will 'W' and Company begin to deploy this technology in the USA? Any ideas on how to flux these cameras?

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