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Comment Re:Good question (Score 1) 2416

It will also make your premium go up. Probably higher than the federal plan. So you will drop your insurance and go with the cheaper one. All the while, private practices and private emergency care facilities will slowly crumble under the price negotiations of the government plan and hospitals will be bombarded with extra patients.

Health care might be more affordable, but quality and timely health care will be more scarce.

Comment Re:What do you mean by 'tax' (Score 1) 432

Any military is in place to do one thing: kill the enemy until it surrenders. People on slashdot talk like the military runs like an automaton. Don't they realize that the President is the Commander in Chief of the military? Something that is long forgotten is that Congress is supposed to declare war before the POTUS can deploy troops. When was the last time Congress actually had to do that? June 5, 1942. Why do we allow Congress to authorize war without declaring it? And why do we allow the POTUS to deploy troops in a war zone without acting on a declaration of war? That includes Obama.

Comment Re:No reason to use it? (Score 3, Insightful) 310

So true. I gave up on Facebook because of them, and now I can easily find people who are interesting. Maybe Google+ isn't a Facebook killer, but I find lots of good content on Google+. I deactivated my FB account months ago and will never look back. The cool thing about Google+ IMO is I have more people in my circles I do not know than people I do. These people are way more interesting than the people I knew in high school 15 years ago. The straw that broke the Facebook camel's back was when I ran into someone from high school who said, "${casual_acquaintance_classmate} thinks you are mad because you didn't friend them on Facebook."

If Google+ ever becomes Facebook, I'm done with social networking.

Comment Re:New Sign in the Doctors Office... (Score 3, Interesting) 1271

You got some links to support this assertion?

In an anecdotal vein, my next door neighboor and his wife are both doctors. He is a pediatrician and she works in ER. He's been working at a private practice for 4 years and I'm not sure about her, but she's about the same age. They drive modest cars and have 2 children. The house is probably 2000 sq ft which is big but is not a McMansion. They each pay a 'mortgage' for their school loans and still have that to look forward to for another 10-15 years. So, sure they make good money, but there is a big cost to making that kind of money and it takes quite a while to net any kind of wealth. They also keep really long hours and question their career decisions from a family point-of-view. I, as a software developer, am much farther ahead than they are because I did not have 8 years of school to pay off and was able to start making money while they were still in school racking up debt.

So they made an investment in their education, expecting it would pay off in the long run. And this is not uncommon to doctors. So put your anonymous mask down and stop spewing half truths to make yourself feel victimized.

And besides, comparing a doctor to a community college adjunct professor is just ignorant.

Comment Re:I am planning to move to NC (Score 0) 1167

IT unemployment is much lower than the national numbers. It's around 4% versus 9%.

Most IT workers already have a job when they are negotiating a new position. Corporations are usually scrambling to find a technically qualified person who is presentable and shows up on time. In IT, there is much more leverage in negotiations, and that only increases as skill and experience increases.

I don't see a whole lot of .NET, Java, or Oracle developers unemployed for more than a few weeks, and even then they are waiting to apply for positions just so they can have a little time off. PHP and ColdFusion developers are a different story.

Comment Re:Should X be mandatory? (Score 1) 861

Don't like it? Run for office and get it changed. Got a gripe with the social contract that we are all in this society together? Move to another country.

This is a republic. You don't need to move to another country when another state, or possibly another county may suit you better. I don't want the federal government overseeing trash pickup.

Comment Re:If you don't vote... (Score 3, Insightful) 390

The President should not matter as much as your representatives. And furthermore, the federal gubment should not assume powers that should be relagated to the states. We were intended to be a republic, where the governor of a state was more impactful to day-to-day life than the President of the United States. We are currently off track from the intended path. I have no idea how to get back on track. Perhaps insolvency will fix that for us?

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