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Solving the Knight's Tour Puzzle In 60 Lines of Python 311

ttsiod writes "When I was a kid, I used to play the Knight's Tour puzzle with pen and paper: you simply had to pass once from every square of a chess board, moving like a Knight. Nowadays, I no longer play chess; but somehow I remembered this nice little puzzle and coded a 60-line Python solver that can tackle even 100x100 boards in less than a second. Try beating this, fellow coders!"

Submission + - SPAM: Hacker writes rootkit for Cisco's routers

alphadogg writes: A security researcher has developed malicious rootkit software for Cisco Systems' routers, a development that has placed increasing scrutiny on the routers that carry the majority of the Internet's traffic. Sebastian Muniz, a researcher with Core Security Technologies, developed the software, which he will unveil on May 22 at the EuSecWest conference in London. "An IOS rootkit is able to perform the tasks that any other rootkit would do on desktop computer operating systems," Muniz said in an e-mail interview.
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Submission + - How Microsoft Knifed its CIO 1

theodp writes: "As the COO of the newly CIO-less Microsoft whoops it up in Dubai at the Microsoft Gulf 2007 CIO Summit, Valleywag hears rumors that Microsoft leaked news of CIO Stuart Scott's dismissal for an unspecified 'violation of company policies' as his family was grieving over his sister's death. An obituary notice seems to confirm that on the same day Scott's family attended a memorial service for his sister, Microsoft set an unusually public media blitz in motion in lieu of flowers. Could just be an unfortunate coincidence, although sympathy may not be a Microsoft core competency."

Journal Journal: First Details of Windows 7 Emerge 615

Some small but significant details of the next major release of Windows have emerged via a presentation at the University of Illinois by Microsoft engineer Eric Traut. His presentation focuses on an internal project called "MinWin"; designed to optimise the Windows kernel to a minimum footprint, and for which will be the basis for the Windows 7 kernel.

Submission + - Favourite phrase for Talk Like a Pirate Day

ackthpt writes: Avast, here be a poll suggestion for the 19th of September (Talk like a pirate day)
  • Arrr!
  • Shiver me timbers!
  • Ahoy, maties!
  • Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!
  • Avast thar ye scurvy dog!
  • Prepare to walk the plank!
  • Give us all yer booty!
  • The map is tattooed on CowboyNeal?!?
Linux Business

Submission + - Linus Torvalds Slams Brian's Subverison ( 1

victor77 writes: "Linus has repeatedly slammed Subversion and CVS, questioning their basic architecture. Subversion community has valid is Linus's statement? or he just wants to create sensational strong statements. He also slams, GPLv3 and thinks his 'git' is the best...why?"
Linux Business

Submission + - Sourcefire Acquires ClamAV

Huh? writes: Looks like another popular open source project is getting gobbled up this month . Open source innovator and SNORT (R) creator, Sourcefire, Inc. (Nasdaq:FIRE), today announced that it has acquired ClamAV(TM), a leading open source gateway anti-virus and anti-malware project. Sourcefire's first acquisition since its Initial Public Offering in March 2007, ClamAV will broaden the company's open source footprint while providing the technology foundation for new products and services that will extend the company's Enterprise Threat Management network security portfolio. I sure hope Sourcefire doesn't put a 30 day delay on the ClamAV database updates for community users (i.e. non paying) like it did to the Snort VRT rules.
Hardware Hacking

Submission + - ESA Altered Wikipedia Entries on Mod Chips (

sesshomaru writes: Game Politics is reporting that the Entertainment Software Association has been editing Wikipedia entries on modchips and abandonware so that they will be more favorable to their point of view. In other words, they've edited them so that any discussion of legal or moral gray areas are removed and the Wikipedia entries say that these things are illegal, period. Here's a link to the Game Politics article:

ESA Altered Wikipedia Entries on Mod Chips, Abandonware

Links to the alterations made in the article can be found in the article, and thanks to Wikipedia Scanner for uncovering this scandal.


Submission + - Anti-Firefox crusader takes fight to new heights

thefickler writes: A web site called Why Firefox Is Blocked is raging a one-site war against Firefox by publishing a script that allows web site owners to block the popular browser. It's all because of an optional extension that not everyone uses.

"Based on the emails and phone calls from Firefox users over the past 24 hours, Mozilla could serve their users best by offering literacy classes, since not one person who has emailed or called has demonstrated even a basic level of reading comprehension," the site's owener Danny Carlton said.

"I'm sure there are some intelligent Firefox users out there (I know a few) but I am baffled why Mozilla seems to be most vocally represented by foul-mouthed crackpots and deadbeats."

Submission + - Dateline NBC Mole Caught at DefCon (

An anonymous reader writes: Dateline NBC allegedly attempted to infiltrate the DefCon hackerfest with a producer using a hidden camera. The show allegedly hoped to tape hackers admitting to illegal activities, but DefCon got wind of the plot and displayed the would-be-mole's photo before every presentation. Dateline refused to deny the planned infiltration.

Submission + - OpenBSD Foundation Accounced (

OpenBDSfan writes: "KernelTrap is reporting on the creation of the OpenBSD Foundation, a Canadian not-for-profit corporation intended to support OpenBSD and related projects, including OpenSSH, OpenBGPD, OpenNTPD, and OpenCVS. The announcement explains, "the OpenBSD Foundation will initially concentrate on facilitating larger donations of equipment, funds, documentation and resources. Small scale donations should continue to be submitted through the existing mechanisms.""

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