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Comment Re:Apple has made this tradeoff before (Score 1) 108

No they did not, they had several other companies release them before apple, Apple was the first one that cost under a grand. And it was a designed by Kodak and manufactured by Chinon, and was just a blip on the digital camera radar. Logitech, Kodak, and Kodak working with Nikon. /I work for Apple

Comment Re:Goodbye (Score 4, Informative) 79

Whats app does not have the the small limits for sms,mms, as telephone networks do. Whatsapp allows you to message worldwide with other whats app users, as well as calling without cost as long as you are on wifi. It has a been a boon to those of us with family and friends in other countries. It allows for communication across different networks.

Comment Re:Apple is not a tech company. (Score 1) 297

The fingerprint tech was purchased from Authentec, who sold it to Motorola first, who released it on a phone before apple. Apple did not develop it. They bought the company way after the fact. And as of yet there is no facial recognition on the iphone or os x. But please keep talking shit about something you have no idea about.

Comment Re:No Warranty Void Sticker on ANY Apple Product! (Score 1) 189

I guess your reading comprehension is not as as good as your undying loyalty to Apple. If damage results, Apple will seek your authorization for any additional costs for completing service even if the product is covered by warranty or an AppleCare service plan. So the above statement, which is clear, says that if whatever third party repair is made, even if something else breaks that is normally covered under warranty, they reserve the right not to fix it. Some of us might just receive a paycheck from the fruity computer company.

Comment Re:No Warranty Void Sticker on ANY Apple Product! (Score 1) 189

If you get an apple device repaired at a third party that is not an AASP and you then take it into apple and they see it has third party parts in it, they will refuse to even look at it. In most cases. Mostly for idevices, but can extend to computers.

1.10.6 Disclosure of Unauthorized Modifications. During the service ordering process, you must notify Apple of any unauthorized modifications, or any repairs or replacements not performed by Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Provider (“AASP”), that have been made to your product. Apple will not be responsible for any damage to the product that occurs during the repair process that is a result of any unauthorized modifications or repairs or replacements not performed by Apple or an AASP. If damage results, Apple will seek your authorization for any additional costs for completing service even if the product is covered by warranty or an AppleCare service plan. If you decline authorization, Apple may return your product unrepaired in the damaged condition without any responsibility.

Comment Re:warranty length (Score 2) 189

I have 1980s IBM PCs that will still boot and run. With ten meg hard drives. I have a 486 that still boot and run Windows 95 and 3.1. I have HP server with dual p-pros in it that ran from 1996 to 2007 until it was retired, that still boots and runs, the replacement server sits on top of it because it is too heavy to move. I also have a of four think pads that are old as hell that work flawlessly as well as a Dell Powerdedge from 2002 in my workshop that still works great as machine to browse the web when I need to look up info. I have Apple gear as well, and I do not think it is any better or worse. However, what I do not like is the thermal throttling on the cpu because they are not adequately cooled, because thin is in. Also, on any of my old Intel stuff, including my old poweredge I can install newer versions of windows and linux without a hitch. I have an old core duo from 2007 with 2 gigs of ram running windows 10 just fine enough for my mother. However, with Apples intels stuff they sunset the operatin system and you cannot upgrade it and they they deprecate Safari and Itunes so you can't used it to back up or restore apple gear, unless it is of a certain vintage date, when El Capitan would run fine on most machines. So you have that old mac, you get a new iphone, now you cannot transfer your data cause, well doesnt support the new versions of itunes so you are sol. But what its an Intel Mac, you can install Win 7 or above on it, and grab itunes for windows. So to support your apple device on apple machine, you have to install windows on it.

Comment Re:warranty length (Score 1) 189

Let me know when that Apple 2 could render a video, play a song, and allow web browsing, all while transfering files at a high rate of speed over the internet. Devices today are exponentially more complex in design and function than an Apple 2 e. I also doubt you have used it on a daily basis for the last 30 years. I have an apple 2e and c that both boot, but I have not use them on the reg since 1989. I also have an 8088 that will boot as well. But again, simpler the device usually means less working parts, longer reliability. Plus, modern electronics take more abuse because they are portable. So the enviroment is constantly changing instead of sitting on a climate controlled desk.

Comment Re:Almost 20% of Bolivia is malnourished... (Score 1) 317

As someone who is a Colombian citizen, who has worked in 9 latin American countries since the 80s you have no idea on how things work south of the border. Bolivia might be producing a metric shit ton of chickens, but they are either being exporting, or sold at prices that poor people cannot afford. Chicken is considered a luxury. even in middle class households. This is just a petty bureacrat trying to weasel into a cash donation because of his faux outrage. Just because he and his pals can afford chicken does not mean everyone else can. The whole teach a man to fish analogy is very apt in this case. I always laught at one laptop per child, because food, clothing, and shelter is a lot more important than angry birds.

Comment Re:Open protocol? (Score 1) 157

Apple still uses Jabber internally for it's staff. iChat the named was conceived by another company that sold chat room software long before any iDevice was even conceived of. Apple bought the name from another company for a tidy sum, and part of the deal was the other company would change the name and Apple also placed a link for a year on the bottom of the ichat page with a link to the original iChat company. I worked for the company Digi-Net, that created Digichat, that bought the original iChat company.

Comment Re:It's the libraries (Score 1) 157

How does What's App do it on all all phone platforms then? Apple could easily write an Imessage lite for Windows Phone and Android that allows you to sign in with an Apple ID. Since Apples contacts is integrated with its Messaging app so it can differentiate between regular SMS and and iMessages then it would be trivial for the contacts App to be made to recognize Imessages for non-apple devices and only show features that are avail to the receiver. Simple text, sms, and video is all you need on the other platforms. Just write a separate app.

Comment Re:Is this what they've determined we want? (Score 1) 125

Android had a version of it before Continuum was even a twinkle in Microsofts eye. It wasn't as full featured. But it was six years ago. Motorola Axtrix 2 had a dock you could plug in into called the HD station with an hdmi port and three usb ports. The Atrix 4g had dock that turned it into little laptop. And there is Maru OS, which lets you turn your Nexus 5 into a fully functioning Debian box.

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