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Comment Re:Higher profit margins? (Score 1) 40

A 'brand' is a stamp of quality, so mixing budget and premium products into one brand is generally a bad thing. HP and Dell make a lot of good high-end computers, but also a lot of poor low-end ones, and the bad reputation earned there bleeds over to their premium lines.

Unless HTC can make their brand stand out, they will be stuck in a race to the bottom with Huawei, Xiaomi, Lenovo, Vivo, Oppo, Oneplus, Elephone, and a million other budget Android products.

Comment Re:It's not about risk... (Score 2) 437

Result 1: American company hires more American workers, pays them good wages, everybody lives happily ever after.
Result 2: American company hires more American workers, pays them good wages, costs go up, company can't compete with Chinese competitor, shuts down, eliminates many more jobs than H-1Bs.
Result 3: American company open foreign campus, shuts down American campus, eliminates many more jobs than H-1Bs.

Things like H-1Bs and outsourcing and illegal immigration are all just symptoms of wealth imbalance in the world. They're like relief valves that equalize pressure between hot and cold economies. Closing them without addressing the underlying issues may not have pleasant results.

Comment Re:Bring broadband to all Americans... (Score 1) 292

Assuming it goes that far. I'm guessing a huge federal payout to the telecoms, of which not a penny gets spent on rural broadband. To meet their obligations, the telecoms lobby to have the definition of broadband lowered, suddenly millions more have "broadband"...mission accomplished.

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