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Comment A matter of wording. (Score 1) 421

So, instead of selling PCs, vendors should advertise their equipment as bundles:

-- "Behold! The new ASUS this-and-that PC plus Windows bundle!"
-- "Do you have ASUS this-and-that PC plus Linux?"
-- "Oh, we only sell PC-Windows bundles, sorry"
-- "Then I only want the PC."
-- "Then go to a PC vendor. This is a bundle vendor."

Problem solved.

Comment Place reflectors. (Score 1) 474

If you live in an appartment and you are above the 1st floor and your city regulations allow it, you could try hanging sound reflectors around your windows, so that sound coming from below may bounce back to the street. Lateral view: Window --> |/ -- Reflector. Play with the position angle to get the best compromise between view of the outside and level of attenuation. Different materials and thicknesses will work best for different frequencies, being bass the most difficult to reduce.

Submission + - Gravity Theory Mod May Rule Out Dark Matter 2

pupitetris writes: Newton may prove himself right again when he stated that we should better find the forces that explain the movement of the stars, rather than claiming the existence of misterious and undetectable substances: S. Mendoza and X. Hernandez, two mexican astrophysicists, postulate a modification to the equation of the theory of gravity that explain the current observations of large-scale phenomena that couldn't be previously explained using gravity alone, while still retaining consistency with medium and small scale observations. This renders the Dark Matter theory unnecessary, and provides a cleaner and more ellegant solution to outer-space observations that have startled scientists for decades.

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