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Comment Worse than North Korea (Score 3, Interesting) 514

I've made scores of international trips in my life, for business and pleasure, and on only one occasion did the border guards demand access to my laptop. That was at Pyongyang International Airport in North Korea, in August of 2015. And at least the search was conducted in full view of myself -- they even asked me to do a lot of it myself, since they were completely unfamiliar with KDE and couldn't type on my Dvorak keyboard. It turns out all they were looking for were South Korean movies (which they didn't want me distributing to the locals), and as soon as it became obvious that I had none, they called off the search.

Submission + - SingularDTV: using Ethereum for DRM on a sci-fi TV show about the Singularity (

David Gerard writes: SingularDTV is an exciting new blockchain-based entertainment industry startup. Their plan is to adapt the DRM that made $121.54 for Imogen Heap, make their own completely premined altcoin and use that to somehow sell two million views of a sci-fi TV show about the Singularity. Using CODE, which is explicitly modeled on The DAO ... which spectacularly imploded days after its launch. There's a white paper, but here's an analysis of why these schemes are a terrible idea for musicians.

Comment Re:What about Firefox's declining market share? (Score 1) 129

Why, despite becoming more and more irrelevant each day, do we see such a complete lack of action on the part of Mozilla?

One of Mozilla's greatest assets (far more so than other browser developers) is its user community. What are you doing to ensure their products' continued survival? Personally, I evangelize Thunderbird and SeaMonkey to my friends and coworkers, at least when my advice is solicited or would be otherwise welcome, and at work I make sure our wiki contains instructions on getting Thunderbird to work with the local Exchange (ugh) infrastructure. As far as I know this has converted quite a few users who would otherwise be using the Outlook Web Interface or Outlook in a Windows VM.

Comment Oh, Karpov, you inveterate spammer... (Score 1, Informative) 169

The submitter, Andrey Karpov, is one of the developers of PVS-Studio. The article he's plugging was written by yet another PVS-Studio developer. I wouldn't be in the least surprised if this got voted to the front page by an army of PVS-Studio sockpuppets. They've been doing the same thing on Wikipedia for years (though their site was long ago put on a Wikimedia-wide spam blacklist), and also post similar spamvertisements, masquerading as "bug reports", to the issue trackers of prominent free software projects such as Mozilla.

Comment Re:Actions of a few.. (Score 1) 89

Corporations are constructs of the state.

Yes, but so are people, nowadays. You try getting anywhere in life without an official piece of paper proving who you are and what state you're affiliated with.

Socialism is a power structure that depends on the state to support it. Taxation required and the forced confiscation of earnings of the workers needed to keep it functioning is the same power tyrants use. There is no difference. Socialism is a form of Statism. Your view that Socialism has no attachment to a state is simply incorrect, as it requires a state to tax the workers (forcibly take) in order to give to those that it chooses to support. Unless you can name a Socialist system that doesn't contain confiscatory taxation policy, your point is simply wrong.

I can't name one which has actually operated in modern times, but there have been such systems in the distant past, and there are advocates for such systems in the future. The "socialism" advocated by Marx and Engels (a term they used interchangeably with "communism") was to be a world in which money and states had been abolished; without these there would be no "confiscatory taxation", but rather a contribution and distribution of wealth according to individual abilities and needs. When you say that "socialism is a form of statism", you are probably attacking ideologies such as Leninism and its variants (and maybe also much "softer" systems such as so-called "democratic socialism" popular in Western Europe). Lenin also nominally believed in socialism and communism (in the Marxian senses of the words) as an end-goal, but held that the only way of reaching this goal was for the state to first take control and build up the capitalist economy. He called this "state capitalism", and eventually redefined the term "socialism" to be synonymous with it. Seventy years after his revolutionaries seized power, the Russian people were still living under state capitalism with no real socialism in sight.

Comment 8-bit celebrations no longer News for Nerds? (Score 1) 1

Strange that this submission's been moderated as spam—does no one here remember the previous WoC announcements that made it to the front page? (See World of Commodore 2011 December 3rd In Toronto and Catch Up Via Video With World of Commodore 2012.) Perhaps Slashdot's demographic has changed a lot in the last couple years.

Submission + - SPAM: World of Commodore 2015: December 5 in Toronto 1

psychonaut writes: In its heydey, World of Commodore was among the largest annual computer expos in the world, with attendance of over 100,000. It's still around today, now run on a much smaller scale by the Toronto PET Users Group (TPUG). World of Commodore 2015 kicks off on Saturday, December 5 in Mississauga. This year's exhibitions include a new MIDI cartridge and 9MB memory expansion card for the VIC-20 from Jim Brain, and a Commodore 64 WiFi modem from Leif Bloomquist.

Comment Re:Developers following the KICC principle (Score 1) 576

The arguments for using Optional (or its equivalents in other languages) as an alternative to bare nulls are covered in a recent article, The worst mistake of computer science. It quotes Tony Hoare, the inventor of the null reference, saying that null was a "billion-dollar mistake":

I call it my billion-dollar mistake... At that time, I was designing the first comprehensive type system for references in an object-oriented language. My goal was to ensure that all use of references should be absolutely safe, with checking performed automatically by the compiler. But I couldn’t resist the temptation to put in a null reference, simply because it was so easy to implement. This has led to innumerable errors, vulnerabilities, and system crashes, which have probably caused a billion dollars of pain and damage in the last forty years.

Submission + - Tajikistan now located between Mars and Jupiter

psychonaut writes: The Guardian reports that Tajikistan, the former Soviet republic in Central Asia, has just named a dwarf planet after itself. Farhod Rahimi, head of the Tajik Academy of Sciences, announced the astronomical dedication on September 1 at a ceremony attended by President Emomali Rahmon. Tajikistan (the planet) is described as being 436 million kilometres from the Earth, on a five-year orbit somewhere between Mars and Jupiter. The state news agency of Tajikistan (the country) reports that scientists are intensively studying the planet's physical and chemical composition.

The International Astronomical Union has not confirmed the existence of Planet Tajikistan, leading to speculation that the whole story may have been concocted by state media to boost the country's reputation.

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