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Comment Re:It's not the hardware or the OS that's the issu (Score 4, Interesting) 252

Yep - another S6A Knox user here.
If i lose data connection for a bit, i feel-it as the phone heats up like mad while sucking the battery dry.
  If i lose the data connection for too long, it will self-format (and destroy all the data/photos/application settings on the phone)
And when the data connection is working fine, the fscking antivirus randomly kicks in and slows everything down. I had battery life varying from 3 full days to 3 hours.
There's no way to get consistent functionality from a secured Samsung phone. While on iPhone everything works as it should.

Linux kernel on Android vs MACH Darwin microkernel on iOS.

Comment Re:So... (Score 1) 440

100% of the people will get $2000 UBI every month from the budget.
77% are actually sending money to that budget (trough taxes, like income, medicaid & co)

If i'm part of that working 77% i will get my $2000 UBI each month but i will have to pay more than $2000 in taxes each month so everyone, working or not, can receive their UBI.

With UBI of $2000 per person, a family of 2 or more people can live just fine (for example in Texas). Thus a lot of those 77% working people will choose to live on UBI, further increasing the taxes on the remaining working ones.

If we're talking about a lower UBI value - like $200 a month - that sum is useless for someone having UBI as his sole income.

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