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Comment Please someone... say it ain't so (Score 1) 420

If the Germans were not following the spirit of the law [number 1 auto engineers in the world], and the Japanese were not following the spirit of the law [second best auto engineers in the world], was everyone else in on this act of cheating too? Was this the deep, dark and dirty secret (no pun intended) of the entire auto industry? And if so how long has it been going on? Wow, thank you auto industry for pushing climate change closer and closer to the tipping point.

Comment Re:Does any one care? (Score 1) 450

During the first week since the data breach I've heard commentators on public radio speculate that the numbers of Ashley Madison (AM) female subscribers had to be 40- 52% ("it takes two to tango", "women are just as bad as men.." etc). I've also heard the rhetoric of how people despise cheaters ("they deserve what they get.." etc) not taking into account that the service didn't use the typical confirmation/verify method for emails. You could have created a fake account with your worst enemy's email address and no one would have known! Leave it to the pros to examine the data so that they can properly inform the public instead of the media feeding the public F*uk-those-cheaters-they-deserve-what-they-get sound bytes and misinformation without the basis of facts to stand on. The only good that may come out of this is the closing of the AM scammy service and what the data on modern male sexuality could tell us.

Comment Re:Marketing? (Score 1) 239

Look at it from this angle. Consider all the money that Sony Pictures has potentially loss. The completed scripts that were stolen may not be used or placed into production for legal headaches alone. The five movies that were downloaded and possibly pirated within days may never be officially released considering its in the wild and part of an FBI investigation (loss of hundreds of millions in future revenue). The Sony executives whose high salaries were exposed may lose their jobs when the stock holders get to them. The "Interview" movie was left untouched. This maybe the only item they could make any revenue on for the next few years. May as well distribute it thorough the Internet out of spite.

Comment Re:Really? .. it comes with the job (Score 1) 772

Does Slashdot still offer mod points? I wish I had some to give to Anguirel (58085). Human history is filled with periods of war (pick a Continent, any Continent). The Geneva Convention was created for a reason. If the US loses its "moral compass" and begins to believe the Geneva conventions can be set aside when its convenient, then we've taken a big step backwards instead of forward in terms of human progress.

Comment Re:Time for a revolution (Score 1) 424

Ah, I see. You've never dealt with the IRS. Here's how it goes: we've taken all your stuff and thrown your ass in jail for criminal evasion - you owe us $80 million for the $100 million you hid in bitcoin. Prove otherwise if you want to pay less.

Few fellow slashdot readers seem to remember (or post) the Feb 2014 news that a " Supreme Court decision lets the government seize all your assets before trial". Your property or assets can be sold before the outcome of trail. This is not a dream. Its actual fact.

Comment Re:Most of you have it... (Score 1) 100

Google has just recently started a "Google X" project to create a complete picture of what a healthy human being should be. Google should be all over this if they really want a complete picture. Their commitment to studying the human genome could give afflicted people legitimate hope that their condition can be properly diagnosed. They may not find a cure for anything in X amount of years but at least they are on the right track.

Comment Looking to id an arcade game? (Score 1) 189

There was this Mechwarrior-type arcade game from Japan I saw in a Pizza restaurant. I can't remember the game's full name but I was dazzled by the game play effects. It had Mechwarriors movements as fast as the Flash of DC comic books. The player commit strikes that emit light flashes similar to lightning. The user can switch between two perspectives: fighting view from within the Mechwarrior or 3rd person view as in Mortal combat. I can only remember the name contained "Gundam". Do you know of this game? Is there any capture video on youtube of this arcade game?

Comment Re:Business models - regarding the War on Drugs (Score 1) 198

and mean they always want to make sure the drugs are sold first, confiscating drugs cost money when it needs to be destroyed, letting the dealers sell the drugs and then seize the money provides funding

If I had the mod points I would rate you as insightful. The War on Drugs has destroyed many lives and incarcerated 2.3 million people. The documentary
“The House I Live In” points out the statistics and the aftermath of what 40 years of THIS war has done to this nation.

Comment Re:You might think your plumber makes big bucks (Score 1) 368

This argument starts up every time somebody had to pay their plumber 80 bucks an hour to fix the toilet, their fility stinking filled with shit toilet. They then think the plumber doing a job they never ever want to do themselves, is rolling in it and the IT being their shit but piles of money.

As if that 80 bucks is pure profit. Meanwhile the daddy plumber knows just how much of that costs goes to cover unpaid hours, taxes, insurance, tool costs etc etc. And he also knows how much Mr Doctor and Mr Lawyer charged him for his children's delivery and to deal with that frivolous lawsuit.

So... what is he going to want for his kids? The same as himself in a world where just getting by is the same as being a loser OR to aim for the top?

And don't for a second think that Bloomberg is interested in the fortunes of the public. He just wants more plumbers so he can pay less, same reason his kind wants immigrants to bust unions and high wages. Sure kids, all become plumbers and wave bye bye to 80 bucks as the competition sky rockets. And then you look longingly at IT graduates making high wages because nobody learned how to code anymore.

Simple piece of advice for live: NEVER listen to a billionaire, they didn't get rich by looking out for other peoples interest.

If I had mod points I would give it all to SmallFurryCreature (593017)

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