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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Internet2 benefits?

professorguy writes: (Editors: the FAQ says use this submission form and select "Ask Slashdot section" but there is no such thing.)

Our hospital has the opportunity to meet with reps from a consortium connecting hospitals in our region to Internet2 (working from a $24.7M grant). The presentation materials so far have been quite thin. They tout the ability to "reserve" bandwidth between specific nodes for specific times using a simple web front end. So what's to stop me from reserving all the bandwidth forever? I mean, isn't trusting the users what made Internet1 so horrible that Internet2 was needed?

Our hospital network is currently in use of course, so how can we also connect to Internet2? If I want to send medical data to another hospital, won't I need a connection from my current network (which is connected to Internet1)? If it must be an air-gapped network, there will be no data I can put on it. If there is a direct connection, doesn't that mean my node (and all other nodes actually in production) will be a bridge between Internet1 and Internet2? If the security at one node will determine the security of all data on Internet2 then I don't see what Internet2 can do for us since it can't be trusted any more than Internet1.

What questions would you ask of this consortium?

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