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Comment They really don't get it do they? (Score 0) 511

they keep charging all that money for games, kids typicaly can't afford that, especially at this point in time..... If they lowered the games more to the point where kids could buy them as impulse items, they're multiply their sales by 1000 or more. I used to buy games myself for a mere 10 games it was around $800 dollars, of course kids cant afford to pay that, those prices are fucking ridiculous.... Lower the price radically and you'll find you'll actually make more money.....

Comment I Seriously have to Disagree (Score 0) 429

Not everyone needs or wants a mobile phone, No more logically Universal remotes will just evolve to include more and more functions...... I even question the mobile phones longevity, More area's are getting free wireless coverage, that'll expand, with the rise of netbooks and VOIP, you'll eventually see a disappearing of mobile phones as well know then.... Even if this secondary point doesn't happen which I do believe is unavoidable, This article is seriously flawed

Comment I'm sorry (Score 0) 194

I'll take a wild stab its the image of Microsoft involvement that are keeping people aaway from it.... Linux controls the server market for one reason, techies control it... and these intelligent people simply don't trust Microsoft involvment, give me Ubuntu plus canonical support any day

Comment Not Smart (Score 0, Interesting) 135

From that report the price fixing was from 2001 to 2004, while I agree something needed doing... Hitting a company with a 31M file in these times could easily send the company bankrupt, when so many companies are filing bankruptcy and causing more and more people to lose their jobs... was this really a smart decision to do this at this point in time?

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