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Comment Re:Expectations of privacy (Score 0) 172

That's rather like saying you have no reason to expect privacy because you rent an apartment instead of owning a house

No its not, not even a little. The home owner/apartment dweller is paying for services. Interestingly enough, landlords do have access to apartments, given notice.

The employee is getting paid for services, and most certainly part of the employement contract makes it clear that work equipment is works property to do with whatever it wants.

The post office is a special network, with special laws governing it. Its not a company its a government organization. FedEx and UPS are not bound by those rules except by volunteering to do so. Its a federal crime to screw with someones mail, its not to do it with fedex or ups.

Rental agreements are another special case as you are basically 'the owner' as long as you honor your contractual obligations. I assure you, the instant you don't pay your rent and get evicted, you've lost every bit of 'privacy' you had, and they'll be cops at your door to tell you just how much privacy you've lost as they physically remove you from the property so someone else can come in and go through your shit, throw away stuff, sell stuff, whatever.

You really are confused about the way the world actually works.

Comment Possible Starcraft Solutions (Score 3, Informative) 367

A quick google search turned up the following for Starcraft. You probably want to do a bit of in-depth research before running these binaries... they may be buggy, fake, etc

One way might be to play Starcraft in windowed mode:

Or use a "high resolution" mod. There seem to be a lot of defunct mods like this that probably never worked too well, but the first link might be worth a shot:

Comment Re:FUD article (Score 5, Insightful) 409

It isn't AIX from IBM that's burying Solaris, it's Linux.

At the fortune 100 companies I've worked with, AIX was legacy and stagnant, and being retired as quickly as possible. Solaris was losing servers to Linux starting with the web/application servers and moving into the Database space (replacing Oracle and DB2, in some cases with Mysql for smaller databases). Applications that could be run on virtualization were the next big thing to move to Linux. If they could replace large sun boxes (and expensive sun hardware/software service contracts) with a bunch of 1Us or Blades connected to a SAN, it was done.

At one financial institution it was even mandated that Linux be tested before any other Unix because of the cost savings.

Comment Re:Quantum Stink (Score 1) 213

I sometimes wonder if TV producer Bellisarius got the name "Quantum Leap" from Quantum Link. They certainly have the same "tone" to them.

As for charges, I was able to avoid them for the most post. There were plenty of free forums to chat with other people, and since it was nationwide the quality of the conversations was better than the local BBSes. The other stuff like games/newspapers didn't interest me, but it made sense you would have to pay for that content, just like we pay for it today (via advertisements).

BTW you can try Quantum Link yourself, and "feel" what it was like in the late 1980s, by going to this link. It takes maybe 15 minutes to setup the required software, and then you can start chatting with other people:


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