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Comment Re:Apple (Score 1) 668

Well, when I get mine, I'm going to get a powered wall mount in my kitchen. I'll use it as an all-in-one e-calendar, music player, photo display, tube map, ordinary map, etc etc. I'd like to have that handy. It would be really nice if I could also get all my applicances' manuals on there as well, so that when the boiler or washing machine plays up, I don't have to hunt around for it. Of course, being detachable, it'll be great to read Alice in Wonderland and similar stories with my 1-year old daughter and enjoy this amazing new combination of words, graphics and interactivity that she can enjoy in a way that's completely inconceivable with a mouse or trackpad-driven device. Oh, and it'll be nice to have a recipe book that plays videos / shows multiple angles to show me the really tricky bits, compiles instant shopping lists and allows one-click purchasing from Waitrose, etc etc.

Comment Re:A new and useful process (Score 2, Insightful) 239

A software patent covers an allegedly novel method of information processing; how is such a method not a "new and useful process"?

In Gottschalk v. Benson, SCOTUS ruled that a "process" does not include mathematical algorithms. Methods of information processing are mathematical algorithms.

Comment Airsoft guns (Score 1) 92

For simulation training in real-life, the military uses airsoft guns (soft BBs) so they soldiers actually shoot weapons at people instead of pretend shoot. It increases their reaction time in real life. They train in cityscapes to get used to not shooting civilians, too.

"Fake" training on 'gaming' simulators is probably just as good, a lot better than using real guns you can point but not fire.

Comment Re:Fascinating! (Score 1) 246

I know that current models show that the brief moments after the BB (relatively speaking), that they had the universe expanding at FTL speeds. But I never understood how on the one hand, Physicists says that nothing can go FTL, and then say the first bit of time after the BB, things were going FTL.

The big bang occurred about 1 femtosecond before "let there be light"

Comment Re:Target practice? (Score 1) 379

I don't know the numbers off the top of my head, but I would suspect not. You can have orbits higher than geosync (think the moon), so you would need to apply a lot of energy to make the satellite leave orbit entirely.

Edit: (well not really, but Preview to the rescue ;)
Actually, it seems you are kind of on the right track though. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Graveyard_orbit Apply energy to push it into a higher orbit and it will still be in orbit, though in an orbit where it is far less likely to cause harm.

Comment Re:Rediculous interpretation of law (Score 1) 259

Consider the antiquarian collector. A First Folio Shakespeare might be covered by a copyright issued for a new printing, edition, revised font, scholarly criticism edition of say the Tempest.

No. The new edition has its own copyright, created by the criticism and whatnot, but it has no affect on the original, whose copyright has expired. It does mean you can't copy the Tempest edition because the original's copyright has expired, but if you get your hands on the original you can copy it as much as you want, and of course you can also sell and resell it.

Comment Re:Already against the law in the UK (Score 1) 259

What's the logic behind making that illegal?

The actual act of importing goods isn't illegal - there are thousands of EU companies that make a living from importing goods from outside the EU. The logic in the Tesco vs Levi case was that trademark law enables a manufacturer to dictate how that trademark is used in commercial retail environments. Each item of clothing contains a distinctive trademarked logo - hence the trademark owner can dictate how each item of clothing is sold within a commercial retail environment. The finding may be annoying for the general public, but I can see how the judges came to that conclusion given current laws.

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