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Comment I disagree that estimating cost is critical (Score 1) 214

Here's what you need to do:
1) Make sure that software-delivered idea is novel, useful, fits a strong need, and is going to be usable easily.
2) Hire the smartest developers you can who also are friendly and have a good work ethic.
3) Have a good process (e.g. OKRs) for ensuring focus (prioritized but adaptable focus).
4) Have a good process for exploratory development and iterations/sprints with re-prioritization after each version.
5) Have a good process for eliminating technical debt as you go.

Then you just have to trust that you'll get the best thing you could have got, in the time and money you allocate.

You have to hope that it's good enough to be a minimum viable product. If not, you simply couldn't afford to put together a software product in the first place, and no amount of estimating would have changed that.

Comment Re:What to talk about (Score 4, Informative) 195

No. F**k it. Internet pipes in your country are like the road network or the telephone network. It should be considered public infrastructure with egalitarian access.
It's pretty F'ing simple.

Getting rid of net neutrality regulations is like saying "It's ok. Just set up your highway robbery checkpoint in the middle of the on-ramp to the highway, but make sure to let your business partners limos through without paying the ransom."

Comment Just completes transformation of Internet into TV (Score 2) 195

because all good cable companies (and gubments) know that what consumers want is to be spoon-fed Pay TV, not to have general, flexible, peer to peer, decentralized (let's just come right out and say it "COMMUNISTIC") Internet. Please tell me I don't need sarcasm quotes around that.

Comment Re:Old people will probably say BASIC (Score 1) 629

Yeah, today if only reboots frequently because someone let Bill Gates run the first successful software and OS company, and we've been paying the price of sloppy design at the core ever since. For contrast, some of my linux servers have uptimes measured in multiple years. Possible if your security strategy is firewall the hell out of it and leave it un-upgraded for stability.

Comment Re:Damage from BASIC (Score 1) 629

I totally disagree.

If you were any good and had a "serious" program to build, you would realize the lack of
a) structured loops
b) structured if then else
c) conventional ways of passing arguments into subroutines

in early basic and learn by experience how to invent all of those out of re-usable patterns of gotos and assignments.

This was actually really good for you, kind of like Army bootcamp.

Comment Re:Fortran (Score 1) 629

Apple BASIC (friend's dad was an accountant and had an AppleII+),
FORTRAN (punch card which grd 12 physics teacher took to school board's computer at another school. Results printed out on teletype in the physics classroom.)
PASCAL (1st year comp sci).
assembly language (learned how shitty i86 architecture was compared to motorola 68000)
TTL boolean logic (traffic light timing controller using car sensor input from each street, that was fun)
SmallTalk and Forth (making "ForthTalk" for 32kB RAM BBC microcomputer) at a summer job
PL/1, LISP, Prolog

Comment Re: series of tubes (Score 4, Insightful) 341

That (a series or network of tubes) was actually a pretty good analogy to describe internet and its data flow to lay people.

Bandwidth, latency etc can be well understood with this analogy.

I think the people who laughed at this description of the Internet are severely imagination-deficient. And no, I have no idea what political side the guy who described the net thus is on, so I have no axe to grind either way.

Explaining by good analogy is actually an intellectual skill and a gift. Kind of like a box of chocolates...

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