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Comment Most money is just numbers in accounts (Score 1) 150

I don't get this. Most of the monetary value in the world doesn't exist as bills or gold.

It's just numbers created in bank accounts when bank loan out money that they don't actually have. They only have, what is it, 3%, 10% of it?

So if my method of money laundering is just moving and splitting this "virtual number money" around among a confusing number of accounts, then by this judge's logic that's not money laundering because, by her logic, mere numbers in accounts are not money?

Really confused here.

Comment Nobody reads that shit (Score 4, Interesting) 195

And sooner or later, a sensible judge will throw the terms of such a "click here" agreement out in an important case, with a ruling that states "everybody knows that nobody reads that shit" therefore it's invalid because it was not effectively communicated. This is valid legal reasoning because the context is that people are bombarded by impractically large numbers of these things in their everyday use of internet services. It is reasonable to infer that people will routinely start ignoring the fine print.

Oh, and while we're on the subject of fine print, I'm hoping for the first ruling that says along the lines of "The biggest demographic; people over 50, can't read that shit. It's too small. Therefore it is invalid. Bam. Case closed."

I Am Not A Lawyer But I Play One On The Internet

Comment Wrong problem of GMO identified (Score 1) 470

The real risk inherent in genetically modified organisms involves the fact that genetic manipulation is becoming increasingly arbitrary, with new techniques that essentially allow building up of genomes or sections of them from human-designed or computer-designed combinations of the basic letters AGTC.

Thus it will become possible to create organisms that are almost arbitrarily different than existing organisms.

It is far from inconceivable that one of these substantially-artificial organisms could take over a large ecosystem niche from existing organisms, AND have a second, unanticipated and quite possibly negative effect.

I can't be more specific about the threat than that, and importantly, neither can the proponents of unleashing arbitrary GMOs into ecosystems.
The risk probability may be very low, but the severity could be compensatingly extremely high, due to the self-replicating nature of the threat, and also the fact that until it happens, its negative effect would be an unknown unknown and would be almost impossible to mitigate rapidly enough.

The following, while it is a science fiction novel, illustrates plausible scenarios, given the near impossibility of controlling the spread of new arbitrary artificial pathogens:

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