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Comment What about ecology? (Score 1) 628

All comments deal only with economy. How about an environmental view? If wood based paper industry goes belly up maybe some forests can be saved. Maybe they should switch to hemp or bamboo pulp or whatever has the smallest impact on the environment. Will the next story be: "war with Brazil and Congo imminent (each have 10 acres of forests left) our supermarkets lack the medium to print their price du jour on..."?

On the economic side... If you are big the change is harder. Smaller companies can and will adopt faster to faster changing human needs. Maybe the dinosaurs will die out and mammals will take over the world?

I for one would rather read a book on an iPad/whatever reader in the forest than read a printed book in the desert.

Comment In Soviet Russia... (Score 1) 585

...You rape the church...

OK i know... old joke... sorry for that...

On the more serious side - i think that the church is complaining about the fact that the Bible is not the only book available to read for people anymore and for the first time in Christian history people do have a choice to choose which philosophy/spirituality/religion they want to follow. Free will must be the work of Satan.
Also the priests have easier access to internet porn and since they can not be bad the Satan seduces them. Maybe Pope is possessed also since he promotes sex without condoms which should be considered a crime against humanity for various reasons.
OTOH exorcism is Christian church's domain so maybe they are just promoting their business.

Submission + - IMSC Result (blogspot.com)

An anonymous reader writes: IMSC Results — IMSC Result 2010 — 2011 — check now — www.imsc.res.in : The Institute of Mathematics Sciences (IMSC) has regularly updates its website (www.imsc.res.in) to declare the result for the exams held regularly. IMSC has made the script especially for the candidates which can produce the result only enter by roll number. So candidates need only the roll number to know the Result. We made this page especially for the IMSC Result 2010 — 2011. All the old & new results of IMSC are available

Submission + - Microsoft: No Pwn2Own bug in IE9 (winbeta.org)

BogenDorpher writes: "If you recall, a few days ago at the Pwn2Own hacking event, Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8 was hacked. Microsoft, today, said its Internet Explorer 9 does not contain the same bug which was exploited on Internet Explorer 8."

Submission + - Twitter discards client UI community (google.com)

Antique Geekmeister writes: Twitter has just decided to discard the community of developers who've created interesting, innovative, and exciting to start-up company applications. The announcement at http://groups.google.com/group/twitter-api-announce/browse_thread/thread/c82cd59c7a87216a?hl=en shows that they intend to switch from the "bazaar" model of development to the "cathedral", with much tighter control of user interfaces for "security" and "consistency".

Submission + - Spanish government to subsidize IPv6 (elpais.com) 1

An anonymous reader writes: The Spanish government will initiate a plan to incorporate IPv6 starting in april, initially the Ministry of Industry with other ministries to follow. The biggest part of the plan is a program of subsidies for small and medium sized enterprises that will cover projects involving, among others, pilot testing, network reconfiguration, purchase of software and equipment replacement. The plan will revise registration procedures for the .es TLD to include IPv6 addressing.

Submission + - Flickr Censors Egypt Police Photos (thomashawk.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Yesterday Flickr removed a photoset of Egyptian Secret Police photos which had been posted to an Egyptian journalist's Flickrstream. The photos were obtained when the journalist acquired them from what he called "one of Mubarak's largest torture facilities." Flickr cited the fact that the photos "were not the user's own work" as justification for the censorship, even though Flickr staffers themselves frequently upload work that is not "their own" to their personal photostreams.

Submission + - Is Daylight Saving Time Bad for You?

Hugh Pickens writes writes: "Time Magazine reports that according to experts on circadian rhythms, the hour shift in sleep schedule from Daylight Savings Time can have serious effects on some people's health, particularly in people with certain pre-existing health problems with one study finding that men were more likely to commit suicide during the first few weeks of Daylight Saving Time (DST) than at any other time during the year and another study showing that the number of serious heart attacks jumps 6% to 10% on the first three workdays after DST begins. Dr. Xiaoyong Yang, an assistant professor of comparative medicine and cellular and molecular physiology at Yale University, theorizes that shifts in biologic rhythms could trigger harmful inflammatory or metabolic changes at the cellular level, which these individuals may be more susceptible to. "Most people don't have much of a problem — they can adjust their body clock quickly. Eventually, after a couple of days, they already can adapt to the new schedule," says Yang. "But for some groups of people — people who have depression or a heart problem — there's some research that suggests that [they] have a higher risk of suicide and heart attack.""

Submission + - Mobile Spyware Conferences Into Your Calls (securityweek.com)

wiredmikey writes: This week we've seen reports of several new variants of mobile malware emerging, mainly surfacing in China.

Yesterday, we saw reports of Multiple Variants of Android Virus 'Hong Tou Tou' showing up, which has mainly been working its way onto smartphones via alternative app marketplaces.

Today, we saw reports of a new variant of spyware "Spy.Felxispy" targeting Symbian devices, identified by the National Computer Virus Emergency Response Centre of China. More than a dozen variants of the spyware have emerged since the first was spotted, and the latest has affected 150,000+ devices. Once installed, the spyware will turn on the Conference Call feature of the device without users' awareness. When users are making phone calls, the spyware automatically adds itself to the call to monitor the conversation.

Note that Spy.Felxispy is NOT new mobile malware, these are variants of it. The malware is also sometimes know as "Trojan-Spy:SymbOS/Flexispy.A" as identified by security firm F-Secure and others, and has been floating around since 2006.

Submission + - Biodegradable Sneakers Sprout Flowers When Planted (gizmag.com)

Zothecula writes: People may joke about their dirty old sneakers turning into science projects or mini ecosystems, but once OAT Shoes' compostable sneakers become commercially available within the next several weeks ... let's just say, those same people may no longer be joking when they make those kind of statements. Made using hemp, cork, bio-cotton, certified biodegradable plastics, chlorine-free bleach and other nontoxic materials, the shoes are designed to completely break down when buried in the ground – the first batch will even come with seeds in their tongues, so that wildflowers will sprout up in commemoration of users' planted, expired kicks.

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