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So, I've gotten in fast into new territory, snatching up "ppc970" as my Slashdot handle. I've had a decently long history of using microprocessor names as online psuedonyms. Until recently, I had a penchant for referring to myself as "68HC12." This was mostly because I did some embedded programming on a 68HC12 series based device a couple of summers ago (nepotistic internship of sorts) and I thought it was an adequately geeky and techy title for all sorts of internet folderol. However, I've decided to get with the times, and adopt a title that is more "with it" so that people will think I'm cool. However, if Apple and IBM don't get on it with this new processor, I'll just look like a schmuck. I'm pretty well used to that, however.

In less immediate and geeky news, I'm currently a college senior, who is contemplating what to do with a shiny new degree in history from a third tier fancy private college. Probably try and get a real degree in something useful. Unless I want to end up teaching history to sullen teenagers, while I piss my life away, clinging to some forgotten glory through occasional /. posts.

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