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Comment Raw Nerve... (Score -1) 368

You talked to a pretty wide variety of people over the span of shows I've seen. Some of them were pretty much what you would expect but several really impressed me as far different than I would of thought. Of all the interviews you performed in this series who surprised you the most and why?

Comment Re:Being Mean (Score -1) 898

This was in the UK ("Peace in our time", let's not offend the Germans in 1938 cause they might hurt us...) not the US ("billions for defense but not one penny for tribute" and "Damn the torpedoes full speed ahead"). The Westboro "Church" morons are in the US where we believe in "Freedom of Speech" and "I don't agree with what you say but I'll defend to my death your right to say it" and all that stuff that separates us from the animals and socialists of the world....

Comment Awesome!! (Score -1) 898

So now, if I'm in authority, and I don't like what you say I can have you tossed in jail! Man, this just seems like such a good idea!

This is the kinda stuff that really warms my heart when reading UK heavy blogs like \. that just love beating on the US. Can't wait until you put Shariah Law in place and the Islamic cavemen get to tell you when and how to take a crap. So much for the Magna Carta...

Comment Re:Marx was EXACTLY right in his diagnosis (Score -1) 1271

"And really. When it comes down to it, how is the organisation of the modern corporation, with it's CEO, directors, officers and hierarchy of management bearing Q10's and quarterly projections any different from the Supreme Soviet, commissars, apparatchiks and 5-year plans? Not at all."

Uh... lets see... Stalin murdered nearly 40 million Soviet citizens to enforce his iron fisted insanity that ended in a utter poverty and complete failure of the government. Mao Zedong did pretty much the same except the Chinese have learned and now embrace "evil" capitalism and are beating us at our own game (mostly because we've abandoned that game btw). CEO's, directors and officers... not so much. I've worked for several LARGE corporations and I was free to quit (and have) whenever I chose. The Soviet citizens and the Chinese workers could choose between being a state slave and being dead. I agree with your previous statements but that last paragraph is demonstrably fallacious (and very disrespectful to the millions that have suffered and died at the hands of communist animals truth be told...).

Comment Re:Here we go... (Score -1) 464

Well I didn't expect a rational answer to my sarcastic rant but you seem to have managed.

My personal feeling is that human beings cannot be pre-judged individually. However in groups certain behavior patterns are fairly clean and they've been documented. As to whether this due to societal or external pressures or some racial/sexual systemic issue who knows? I suspect there's so much complexity in the drives of individuals in large groups it may be impossible to analyze any behavior beyond the first or second order reactions.

'Hans plays with Lotty, Lotty plays with Jan, Jan plays with Willy, Willy is happy again. Suki plays with Leo, Sasha plays with grit. Adolf builds a bonfire Enrico plays with it".....

Comment Here we go... (Score -1) 464

Well, blacks do need more need help. It's well established black's are just not as bright as other races so it makes perfect sense to give them more priority for science work. I mean. It's just fair right? This about making everything fair. In fact I think that the lighter races should be subjected to lobotomies just to even the playing field. I'm sure most Slashdotters won't need it but there's just so many unjustly smart people in this world it just makes sense to level the playing field...

(I'm just dying for the morons that will reply to this....)

Comment Re:Sad, but I can see doing it too (Score -1) 950

Yeah.... because walking into the nearest ER (as most illegals, of which we have tens of millions, do EVERY DAMN DAY) just doesn't work eh? You should get a job in health care moron. We treat 10x as many people free as we do those that actually PAY FOR WHAT THEY TAKE!! Of course you're a genius that thinks everything should be free which is why you give ALL your money to taxes and charity right? Oh you don't? Why you're a jackbooted conservative aren't you! You just want to steal from the hard working poor and keep it all for you own greedy self! You should be branded! You should be shot!

Now walk down the street to your nearest Pot Emporium, get another bag of dope with your Medical card and go back to your THC induced state of delirium. You're an idiot. Do us all a favor and keep your opinions to yourself....

Comment Not proof of anything but... (Score -1) 557

I've done a lot of hiring in the last ten years and I've got to say that the school someone graduated from is less an indicator of ability than experience. In the absence of experience I'm not going to give a Stanford grad any more credit than an ITT grad for at least 6 months. I've hired and worked with individuals that graduated from ITT and Devry and most were pretty good with two being REALLY EXCELLENT engineers. Far better than the Stanford and Harvard grads I also worked with. That's not enough data points to draw too many conclusions but I was surprised there wasn't more distinction.

A lot of big name school graduates have a sense of entitlement and superiority that just isn't reflected in their work. I graduated from a big name school myself so it's not sour grapes. Tech people are the sum of their experience, including school, and what you take from school is often what you put into it. A guy that did a mediocre job at Stanford isn't going to be a bright star at work either....

Comment importance, the authors say, of training teachers (Score -1) 947

As any science minded person knows (science being the pursuit of truth, not convention) evolution isn't the ONLY possible explanation for life as we know it and the other possibilities (regardless of what the EDUCATION OVERLORDS think) need to be considered. If, as implied, "well trained" means that unless they carry the company line and "believe" in evolution, you're not well trained, is disgusting and counter to scientific precepts.

We need more science and less conventional thinking...

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