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Comment Re:more exaggeration. (Score 1) 313

If you want more details just watch those reviews I linked to, it will quickly start to make sense once you get used to the guy's voice... or alternatively you can probably find hundreds of written reviews which discuss these technicalities.

But why am I even defending the crappiness of the Star Wars prequels?

Comment Re:Ok. Why weak. (Score 2) 313

It's not just Jar Jar and the wooden acting, it's the complete and utter lack of proper storytelling and cinematography, caused by a director obsessed with green-screens and special effects. Note that from the old movies only A New Hope was directed and written solely by George Lucas (though allegedly his former wife also had a big influence as editor).

Watch the RedLetterMedia reviews for a detailed and hilarious analysis of all three movies.

Comment Re:Hardware RAID becoming less relevant every day. (Score 1) 171

It also means that you can see the real disks that make up the mirror and so monitor it with the smart tools.

With 3ware RAID controllers this is already possible, you just have to specify the magic device /dev/twa0 (for the first controller) and use the smartd/smartctl option "-d 3ware,0", where 0 specifies the disk number. I assume other controllers have something similar.

But yeah, I also prefer software RAID, especially when using ZFS ;-)


Submission + - Help me fight the swiss dmca. (

pyalot writes: "The swiss goverment has passed a law that would make it impossible to cirvumvent effective copy protection measures. I have created a page to inform and organize a resistance against this law. If we collect 50'000 signatures until the 24th of January however, we can force a national vote on this law. Help me in any way that you can fight this law. I was first made aware of this two days ago by this article on slashdot."
The Matrix

Submission + - Move into Alternate Reality by Shifting Timelines

MindReality writes: "Einstein has proven that time is not fixed, it expands and it contracts. And, time has a vertical dimension. There are many "lanes of time" running simultaneously and you can change lanes. You can begin in one lane, then change lanes to produce a different outcome than you expected in the original lane. We have the power to direct our awareness through this field of creative intelligence scientists call the quantum hologram. And through powerful thought we can activate another vertical strand of time, one in which we are whole and well and already healed, because we never were sick. The same applies to every area of life, relationships, finances and success. Move into Alternate Reality by Shifting Timelines"

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