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Comment Re:First rebellion (Score 1) 703

When was the last time you bought a car that wasn't manufactured in the U.S.?

I seem to recall companies like Honda - companies that are not U.S. based, mind you - building factories in America because, well, cars are friggin' huge. It's expensive as hell to ship them across an entire fucking Ocean and then drive them cross-country. It's cheaper to pay good wages in America than to pay lesser wages in other countries and ship it out.

Yeah, yeah, there's still plenty of companies that import, but as stuff like Chrysler and whatnot collapse I'm sure that there will be foreign companies looking to snap up fully-functional plants so they can save on shipping. Remember, having a plant in the states gives you access to most of North America by land.

Comment Good Data Died with Cronkite (Score 1) 319

I have been programming accounting software for almost fifteen years and the first nasty lesson I learned was that data can be presented in unlimited ways and if you want to get paid you better make it look good. Change the scale, oversample, skew the questions and all sorts of other nasty tricks are now par for the course.

We now have well respected polls contradicting each other by double digits because of the politicizing of any information that might change voters opinions. I never thought that I would long for the post civil war years of reapproachment and unity.

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