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Submission + - GE develops quiet, slim piezoelectric cooler for your next ultraslim tablet. (

postermmxvicom writes: In just a couple of years, your next ultra portable might be sporting GE's new dual-piezoelectric cooling jets. These new cooling devices, called DCJs, are much slimmer than current coolers and since they lack fans, they are also quieter. Here is a demo of the technology implemented in an Ultrabook.

Submission + - What are good books/kits/tools for skilled/learning software/hardware hobbyist?

postermmxvicom writes: I have a friend who is a mechanic, but enjoys tinkering with software and hardware as a hobby. I want to get him a gift that will either broaden his horizons or deepen his understanding in these fields. He is proficient at soldering components and removing them from circuit boards. His programming experience is with a wide variety of scripting languages. He recently used teensy and arduino boards and an accelerometer to add some bells and whistles to a toy car he made. He also used his knowledge to help a friend find and correct weaknesses in his shareware (that would have let 'customers' share more freely than intended). He is fascinated that people can create chips to modify existing hardware. Do you know of any good books or kits (or even tools of the trade) that would appeal to a hobbyist and allow him to grow? Is there anything that might also play off of his handyman/mechanic abilities?

Submission + - Doctors warn laptop users of toasted skin syndrome (

postermmxvicom writes: A twelve year old boy playing video games for a few hours a day and a law student working on her laptop for six hours a day found out the hard way that all that heat from laptops can damage and irritate your skin. A sponge patterned discoloration can be caused by leaving laptops in contact with your skin for hours. Although it is usually harmless, it can cause permanent discoloration and cause cancer in rare cases. This kind of damage is not limited to laptops, but can be caused by other heat sources. Fortunately, all of this is easily avoidable by not heating your skin for prolonged periods of time. Unfortunately, that requires common sense. CBS New York gives us a brief story on this "toasted skin syndrome" without any sensationalism and fear mongering. Perhaps someone can prompt a more responsible news outlet to write a story which will scare people and cause politicians to write bad legislation?

Submission + - Keyboards for large fingered typists? 1

postermmxvicom writes: My father has worked for decades as a carpenter and, like the village blacksmith, has large and sinewy hands. His pinky is larger in every dimension than most men's thumbs. With the downturn in the economy, he is retraining for a job which requires him to have a certain typing proficiency. He will eventually meet the standards, but I think his practice would be more fruitful if he had a keyboard which matched the scale of his hands as it is difficult for him to press just one button. I've looked for other keyboards, but they seem geared towards learning disabled or visually impaired people and I am unsure if some of their design decisions would do more harm than good in this situation. Does anyone have any experience with these products? Would it be best just to tough it out on a regular keyboard? Are there other, more practical solutions?

Submission + - Who Do You Recommend For Personal Web Hosting?

postermmxvicom writes: I have a personal website that I use for very little. I put pictures up there. I host files for myself and friends. I use it for my email. I have been with my current host for eons. Unfortunately, I have seen nothing but a steady decline in service. The last straw was they disabled my email accounts for being 'inactive' because I don't log in using outlook or webmail. They even disabled my primary contact email which they used to contact me about disabling my email accounts! I check my email on my phone, which they don't support — so I forward it to gmail.

All I want is to be able to use my own domain for email, ftp, and webpages. I am currently wading through all the options out there I can find. I am trying to separate out the real reviews from the shills. Who do you recommend? Is there some alternative I am overlooking because I haven't been shopping for this kind of service in eons? Can google apps or something similar serve my needs? I currently spend about $100 a year — that is about the most I'd be willing to pay.

Submission + - Global T-mobile Outage (

postermmxvicom writes: T-mobile is currently experiencing global outages. I can not receive texts or calls, but I can make them. Others have it worse. There doesn't seem to be any good information available about the cause or nature of the disruption. There is a customers thread on t-mobile site, but no info from a rep. is another good source of user issues. Getting a hold of customer service is impossible. Do any slashdotters have the real scoop?

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