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First Person Shooters (Games)

Infinity Ward Fights Against Modern Warfare 2 Cheaters 203

Faithbleed writes "IW's Robert Bowling reports on his twitter account that Infinity Ward is giving 2,500 Modern Warfare 2 cheaters the boot. The news comes as the war between IW and MW2's fans rages over the decision to go with IWnet hosting instead of dedicated servers. Unhappy players were quick to come up with hacks that would allow their own servers and various other changes." Despite the dedicated-server complaints, Modern Warfare 2 has sold ridiculously well.

Modern Warfare 2 Not Recalled In Russia After All 94

thief21 writes "After claims that console versions Modern Warfare 2 had been recalled in Russia due to complaints from politicians and the gaming public over the infamous airport slaughter scene, it turns out the stories were completely untrue. Activision never released a console version of the game in Russia." Instead, they simply edited the notorious scene out of the PC version. They did this of their own volition, since Russia doesn't have a formal ratings committee.
Internet Explorer

Reports of IE Hijacking NXDOMAINs, Routing To Bing 230

Jaeden Stormes writes "We just started getting word of a new browser hijack from our sales force. 'Some site called Bing?' they said. Sure enough, since the patches last night, their IE6 and IE7 installations are now routing all NXDOMAINs to Bing. Try it out — put in something like www.DoNotHijackMe.com." We've had mixed results here confirming this: one report that up-to-date IE8 behaves as described. Others tried installing all offered updates to systems running IE6 and IE7 and got no hijacking.
Update: 08/11 23:24 GMT by KD : Readers are reporting that it's not Bing that comes up for a nonexistent domain, it's the user's default search engine (noting that at least one Microsoft update in the past changed the default to Bing). There may be nothing new here.

Comment Re:The glaciers are retreating! (Score 1) 791

As a scientist, I find your post offensive. You act like we go around in gangs or something. But worse of all, you make broad statements without citing any sources, or indeed even mentioning any specifics. That is thoroughly unscientific, and it is statements like that that we rightfully run out of town.

Comment Can the publishers guarantee like-new quality? (Score 1) 664

If the publishers want a cut from resales, the assumption is that the product is as good as new. (This is why the used-car sale is often considered to be a flawed analogy). But what measures would they implement to guarantee the used product merits their cut of the revenue? Are they going to refurbish it? Are they going to restore the original packaging and manuals, etc? Are they going the guarantee that the disc will be free of scratches or other defects for a certain warranty period of time? If not, then indeed selling a used game (or DVD movie or music CD for that matter) is just the same as a used car or a used anything.

Of course, digital copies could truly put a dent in that reasoning. However, even then there should not be a cut of revenue to the publisher if the original user discontinues use of the product (so that it's not piracy). It's like someone re-selling artwork. Presumably it's in like-new condition if it was taken care of (on in some cases, would appreciate in value even if its condition deteriorates) -- but you wouldn't hear anyone talk of paying the original artist a cut of its resale value, now would you? From what I hear, book publishers are also gearing up for a fight in this arena. They have already been breathing down the neck of used-book stores, and now e-books are adding a new twist to the debate.


Submission + - Slashdot polls -- good idea, or useless?

posterlogo writes: Do people find the tagging system to be useful? How frequently do you make use of it? Often I find stories tagged "haha", which doesn't seem to be all that useful for finding something specific, since more than half the stories get this tag. Worse, lately there's been a lot of politicizing — tags like "liberalpropaganda" or "republicansarefuckingfacists". These appear to be just another way to make an anonymous coward statement. Do you like the tagging system?

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