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Comment Re:It is so unfair. (Score 1) 358

Just fly over.

We have lots of godless people in the Midwest. Where I live, we have traffic jams, but they're five minutes long and only if you leave at exactly 5pm.

In a ten minute drive, I can get Thai (3) genuine Chinese (7), varieties of Mex (11), Turkish (2) Afghani (1), Indian (7), and much much more. A good house: $115K. A great house: $250K. House in the country with pond and woods for $350K.

Gigabit Ethernet in town. International airport 45min drive on a bad day. LGBTQ+ friendly. There are evangelicals, rednecks and others who, when they're sober, are fine people. The music is good, but not great, but not as expensive as the coasts.

The universities are rated very well, and aren't that expensive. Sports is ok, major teams within easy driving distance.

You're not going to get rich here rapidly. But you might have much less stress and be happy, hedonistic and godless-- or not.

Comment Re:Flying Law Mower (Score 1) 148

I'm with you. You and I are not their target market. But keeping up the banter makes people open up their investment wallets and drool. Look at the stupid juicer (and so many, many more) if you had questions about stupid money looking for an amplification spot marked X.

There'll be a trunk. Spots in parking lots. After all, these folks have money to spend, viz their expensive transportation. People buy many expensive transportation devices that you see every day on your way to work. Fizzle? Nope. Gonna happen, just like bad weather and more plutocracy. You can't fight the weather, and you need lots of money to either join plutocracy or fight it.

My flying friends have their own planes, Lambos in the garage, and lots of money to spend on toys. Better toy than yours?- all the better. Yes, they're licensed pilots with lots of hours under their belts and they're safe pilots as well, having some sense of survival instinct. But when you moan about the ten hour trip to X, they'll say: I can get there in four in my (Cessna, Beech, etc.).

From Watsonville to Napa, there are dozens of general aviation airports to suit this fancy. Your tax dollars at work. Moreover, there are already flying neighborhoods built around private strips. These are people that fly and commute, rather than sit on 101 trying not to look at their texts.

Me, I live in a small town and use a VPN, so it doesn't matter to me at all. I watch SillyCon Valley and muse over capitalism gone amok.

Comment Re:Flying Law Mower (Score 1) 148

You're an altruist, and good on you for being one, seriously.

Unfortunately, idiots exist, and you cannot null them, only mitigate them and threaten them with ugly consequences for being idiots. The "hold my beer..." culture cannot be eradicated and more arrive every moment. So yes, we have regulations, punishments, licensing, insurance, and sadly, many personal injury lawyers.

Money and insurance are not obstacles to the fabulously wealthy and banks love to loan funds on such seeming trivialities. This, too, is a reality. I'm not in favor of it, just stating the facts. Testosterone rules until we find a way to rechannel testosterone to something more productive. Convenience in LA or SF where traffic is stupefyingly ugly is a real attraction. The mine's-bigger-than-yours mentality will fuel this, like it or not. I don't like it, but they didn't ask me.

And yes, I don't see personal drones arriving in quantity any time soon, thankfully. But they'll arrive. And sadly, I know two guys that will do whatever the drill is to purchase one and buzz the neighborhood. And like earlier private pilots, some of them will die and take people out doing so. History repeats itself, and so far the over-testosteroned are winning.

Comment Re:Flying Law Mower (Score 1) 148

You need to null out idiots. They're everywhere as part of the noise, and cannot be eliminated.

Wind gusts-- yep, need stabilizers. But we deal with black ice, snow, and have to dodge stuff with cars, like the dog that ran out into the road in front of me, this morning.

Your Edward Scissors-Hand thinking is a bit goofy. In urban environments, we're running out of space close to ground, because we can't convince people to take public transportation, although much of public transportation lacks convenience.

Will stuff fall out of the sky? Probably. Will we sue the living hell out of people that do this? Yep.

The early adopters will be the super-rich. If you look at SillyCon Valley, they pay jaw-dropping amounts of money for simple housing, so a flying drone car that gets them over the 101 to their offices filled with barristas and pool tables is a no-brainer.

Comment Re:Cautiously saying yes to this (Score 1) 173

My process is that if you go around the robots.txt, you're hostile, and you route to null on the next access. If you attempt to directly access cached URLs, you're hostile, same answer. The file of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses that have attempted this is easily a half-mile long.

Happy to add to it. Baidu, Bing, and yes, Google, are already there. Most of them have been from AWS instances snooping around. They get the same answer.

Comment Re:Oops (Score 1) 223

Yet there are several problems with the study.

First, it's difficult to peer inside the data and establish if the artificially sweetened beverage drinkers had high A1C or other metabolic markers. It says, cautiously, that sugary vs artificially-sweetened beverages seem to cause higher incidence of cardio-vascular problems, citing strokes, etc.

Then, no specific artificial sweetener was identified as being consumed to establish sucralose vs many other sweeteners as a possible culprit. Just "sweeteners"

There are so many ambiguities that the high cautions in the study make the data and its representation not quite useless.

Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 1) 359

Mmmmm. Tastes good.

A Craigslist VitaMix does the same thing.

Fast food involves carbs, which makes the world fat and sick. Yep, you might have to actually do something like the rest of the world.

Use any rationalization you want: being a slacker is expensive and wasteful. Don't want to sit down in a restaurant? Use your kitchen.

It creates more problems than it solves, including the up-thread mentioned abuses, supply chain madnesses, and the sudden loss of sanity upon believing your own bullshit story. This product was not only ill-conceived, financed by gold-diggers, but gets even stranger when they don't sell product to anyone, just the stooges that bought the mixer. There are suckers born every minute, and this story is emblematic of suckers all the way through the financing to the consumer.

Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 1) 359

You must be a shareholder.

Any old mixer or juicer will work fine. Once it's down in your digestive track, it all does the same thing.

If you're hinging your post on saving a minute and a half compared to a manual method, then you must bill your time.

But you accused people of being morons, so it's more likely you are indeed a lawyer. Me, I eat my veggies the old fashioned way, one fork full at a time.

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