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Submission + - The Tyranny of the Clouds (gluster.org)

porkrind writes: Cloud computing is a way for the technology "empire" to strike back at smaller end users and developers, taking away the rights and freedoms we won via the establishment of Open Source ecosystems. That they're using the very open source tools we helped create just makes it that much more painful. Now that we know that open source was never about innovation, what leverage do we have to bring about the open cloud? And what is the best way to project the four freedoms onto the cloud?

Submission + - Do Open Source Communities Have a Social Responsibility? (gluster.org)

porkrind writes: Given its roots in the GNU project, free software and the four freedoms, Open Source has always had an element of social advocacy and the betterment of humankind. Should open source communities be expected to bear some responsibility for related causes? Our communities have traditionally advocated for social issues like information rights, but what about things like gender and racial equality in high tech? Given that the hippies were right about freedom all along, maybe it's time to take their cue on other issues, as well, eg. the Ada Initiative and other efforts to address under-represented minorities in the tech industry.

Submission + - 10 Years Gone: The VA Linux Systems IPO (cnet.com) 3

porkrind writes: This is a restrospective to mark the 10th anniversary of what has remained the biggest IPO of all time — in terms of largest first day gain. It looks at the legacy of VA and puts the IPO day in context. I tried to capture just how surreal the whole thing felt. I felt then, and feel now, that VA was on the cusp of something really great, but just... couldn't... get... there. Read the post here.

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