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Comment Re:What's the TOS say? (Score 2) 421

There's no contract, other than that involved in the sale of the product.

EULAs are not contracts after all. In the EU, the manufacturer would be taken to court for actions like this, and in Ireland and the UK, there would be interesting repercussions on the manufacturer for this.

In short EULAs are not worth the paper they are printed on...

Comment Re:National DST Day (Score 1) 352

The point of the timings of the timezone is to ensure that the average transit of the Sun at the central meridian of the timezone is at 12:00. Having offsets at other times is pointless. Once you go 8.5 degrees of longitude east or west of that central meridian, you should be in a timezone +1 hours or -1 hours different. Instead of changing the clock on the wall with all of the problems associated with that, it's better (and almost certainly easier) to change the timings of schools or work shifts.
The situation where I am (western Ireland) is crazy during the summer as the sun's transit is at ~14.30 instead of the 12:30 it should be.
If we are contemplating moving away from the current timezones, we may as well standardise on UTC, and save all of the clock change problems.

Comment Re:Sue them Immediately (Score 1) 206

Just a mention that the URL generates a 403 error on UK, Netherlands or Hong Kong IPs, but is viewable on USA and Canada IPs. (Banned IP address list).

How to be an idiot and fail to understand how the internet works. Whoever maintains that portion of needs their head pulled out of their arse..

Comment Re:Yawn... (Score 4, Insightful) 627

This is a very good suspicion. By downloading a full image of his phone's storage, the FBI or NSA gets photos of all the places he's been along with GPS breadcrumbs. It could very well be that this engineer crossed paths unintentionally with another surveillance target while traveling. Checking these breadcrumbs helps them determine whether they should add him to the surveillance list.

And that is a fishing expedition, and not allowed under the law, without a specific warrant.

Comment Re: Giaa to the rescue! (Score 5, Interesting) 136

In recent years, more houses have been built in areas that were previously uninhabited. The resulting inability for storm water to drain into the soil and instead being forced to run off, increased the rate that water flowed into the river systems, meaning that rivers peak higher and sooner for the same amount of rainfall. This means more floods for the same weather patterns. Add in climate change and you lot are screwed for flood management.
Absolutely nothing to do with Brexit.
Actually, now that you lot are leaving, you won't get access to the emergency funds to help with problems like this that UK policies have caused over the past few decades...

As an aside, dredging can actually cause floods further downstream as it allows more water to reach the downstream areas in a shorter space of time, causing the river to "pile up" and overspill its banks, where it would not have happened if the dredging had not taken place.

Comment Re:Congratulations, UK: (Score 1) 134

next they'll try to 're-unify' the British Isles again -- by force, for the 'safety and security of the people' I'm sure.

Well, if the ~450 years up to the mid 1990's was anything to go by, it would not be smart to go down that route again.. We've worked hard to get to the current situation and we wouldn't be too inclined to be forced to give it up again,

Comment Re:KGB (Score 1) 624

^ this. Many times this..
It's absolutely no surprise to see the US based people getting stroppy when they get a taste of their own medicine - see the complaints when Brazil did a quid pro quo to treating only US citizens visiting Brazil to rigorous security theatre and allowing everyone else to enter normally, when the US started treating incoming visitors to the States differently.

I think it's a fantastic state of affairs that the US is finally seeing the reaping of the policies they've sown over the past decades, just unfortunate that so many normal and innocent people are going to be so badly affected in the future as a direct result. Then again, many normal and innocent people were affected when the US stuck its unwanted nose into other countries sovereign affairs...

Comment Re: WUT?!? (Score 1) 214

Hehe, it's not like the wind can move airmasses from one place to another.. Local policies like this are pretty meaningless. Yes, it can be useful to change e.g. a very polluting power station within a mile upwind (in the usual wind direction that is) of a school. But, because cars and their output is pretty spread out, targeting car pollution specifically near schools is nothing more than lip service.

Comment Re:Two words. (Score 1) 491

All EULAs are not worth the paper they are printed on. They are not contracts. They are not even agreements. My cat could click the agree button, and it would have the same effect overall. Just because some of you live in countries where you've sold out your rights, doesn't mean that the software company gains more rights over you.

Nowhere in the EU has an EULA been successfully defended in court.

Comment Text browsers? (Score 1) 156

At least my main email client is a text-only client, and I can follow the link with something that is definitely not going to get triggered by a drive-by. And that's to check out strange links that I may get in email, even from people I have previously been in contact with. I definitely don't follow links. Still, on the phone, I may be exposed to vulnerabilities in the non-standard email client I use.

Comment Great value, when de-Amazonned (Score 1) 66

I bought this during the Black Friday sales.
My use case for this is to run SkySafari Pro 4, with the SkyFi box, to control my Celestron AVX telescope mount with a 6" reflector, and my SCB-4000 lowlight video camera for doing video-assisted astronomy.
It does this most admirably, and works very well when out at the scope, and it makes it easy to go chasing magnitude 15 galaxies from my backyard. Locate object in the app's database, center on screen, and tell the scope to slew from the screen. Then, I can see that celestial object on my portable screen.
When I got the tablet, I was aware that the bootloader was locked, but I knew there were alternate roms available via XDA developers forums. The one that I ended up using, SlimLP, renders the tablet pretty much a bog-standard low-end Android tablet. All the installed hardware works well, the bluetooth and wifi are perfect, and when I'm not using it for stargazing I have it on the coffee table for those quick web browses about subjects that pop up when watching my tv shows. The battery life is pretty good, I charge it about every 10-15 days when not in use, and it'll easily last for a full stargazing session when I'm outside.
Yes, the standard OS install is pretty crappy, but once it's rendered as a standard Android tablet, it's proven to be perfect for my particular use case.

Comment Spamassassin and Greylisting.. (Score 3, Informative) 269

Up to date spamassassin and well configured greylisting works very well for my email solution. The most spam mail comes in on mailing lists that deliberately have differing settings on them. Plus I have spam and ham training active. Rare enough to get spam into my actual inbox these days.

I've also got very little spam on my Gmail address as well..

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