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Comment Exactly. Terrible idea. (Score 2) 42

We already know what works and what doesn't work in VR.

In general, vehicular games are awesome. Flying, driving, magic carpets, etc.

Running games are pretty weak as it never feels like you're running.

And worst of all are "twitch" games which involve high velocity turns and mouse-looks.

Doom 3 is a twitch game, and a running game. It's a terrible idea for a VR port.

Comment Re:Fake news, is a distraction, Trump lost (Score 3, Informative) 270

What? Someone apparently needs a civics lesson. That's not how our democracy works. We have a "democratic republic". What you're referring to is a "direct democracy", which we don't have (for good reason).

As a test though, I suggest you take a vote and ask how many Americans want free housing, free food, free education and free Netflix. Then come back to me and tell me how well your juvenile "Winner takes all" voting is working out.

Comment Science is dead. And climatologists killed it. (Score -1, Troll) 284

Seriously. Did you read the article?

This article says that it's the hottest in 20 years.

Do you understand how patently *meaningless* that is?

We're in the middle of El Niño right now. Take that away and it's the hottest in 20 years. That's it. TWENTY.

That is nothing. It's not *remotely* relevant data for any legitimate form of long term climate analysis. It's a tiny movement over a fraction of a nanosecond of geologic time.

This is fear mongering and weak science.

Comment Re:Tough times ahead (Score 1) 294

Do polling results that give Clinton an 86% chance of winning the election just one day beforehand count as fake news?

Will the NY Times be on the list of publications prohibited from running Google ads?

It's either manipulated data, or it's grossly flawed and incompetent. Pick one. I would think either fulfills the criteria for "fake".

Comment The really disturbing fact about the Zumwalt is (Score 1) 303

From the article:

"155mm LRLAP provides single strike lethality against a wide range of targets, with three times the lethality of traditional 5-inch naval ballistic rounds".

The really disturbing part is that these $800k shells buy us a whopping THREE times the lethality of a traditional 5-inch round.

Just. Wow.

Comment Freedom of choice for women == non-technology (Score 1) 647


In countries where women have *more* choice, most women don't go into math/science related fields.

In countries where women have *less* choice, many more women do.

The conversation is not about career capacity. It's about choice.

Ironically, what people seem to be worried about is that when women have greater freedom of choice, they don't choose the same thing as men do. ...And apparently that's a problem.

We live in strange times.

Comment Re:For them theoretically hacking a private org? (Score 1) 352


There is zero proof that the Russian government hacked the DNC. Zippo.

What this is, is a president desperately trying to stay true to his promise to not put more boots on the ground. (Commendably). But also keep favor with the war-party heading into an election where the Democrats are traditionally unloved. (Not so commendably).

But... The war-party knows only too well that this is a trap: A back-door into starting the war they've been dreaming about for decades.

Comment Re:Is this in the US only?? (Score 0) 191

Whoa careful now. That sounds like the kind of question a scientist would ask.

You're being far too logical. Are you a climatologist? Please leave the evidence-based questions to the professionals.

There's grant money on the table here and cogent questions like that can really mess things up.

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