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Submission + - NASA needs women (cnn.com) 1

wisebabo writes: (Actually so does ROSCOSMOS and CNSA)

So here, unfortunately, is another hurdle in MANkind's dreams of long duration space flight. It turns out there are serious vision problems in astronauts that don't go away when they return to earth. Strangely enough these problems don't seem to affect women!

Anyway, at this point I'd normally say rather than making big elaborate spacecraft with spinning sections to provide gravity and heavy radiation shielding, we should just genetically re-engineer humans. But I recently read the short story "People of Sand and Slag" which describes a dystopian future where this has been done. Unfortunately the people(?) of the future have lost their humanity in more ways than one.

So maybe that's not the best idea. Hibernation anyone?

Submission + - Largest ISP in the Netherlands KPN is hacked (pastebin.com)

An anonymous reader writes: KPN, the Netherlands largest ISP has been hacked. After several days of downplaying the hackers have published some of the data stolen. In the hack the usernames, telephone numbers, and passwords (unhashed) have been made available on pastebin. After trying to downplay the story in the media for a few days, the provider, faced with the pastebin publication has taken down its webmail service for ALL its clients (roughly 2 million). The ISP has stated in the media several times that no data had been taken in the hack. The pastebin proves otherwise. The dutch Rapid Response government IT-responce team (GovCert) has been involved in the downplaying of the story so far. It appears that the Koninklijke Ptt Nederland is not quite worthy of the 'koninklijke' (Royal) in its name. ( The only reason KPN has even acknowledged the hack appears to be that they could no longer deny the story. Unconfirmed sources state that even more info (such as credit card, bank details etc) also have been copied; in Webwereld.nl a hacker stated they are in possession of 16 GB of data of the paying customers of KPN. So far the KPN has not tried to contact their customers. This is the latest 'hack' in the netherlands, after the popular tech-website Webwereld had their 'hack of the day' month Lektober ('leaktober') exposing how the government in the netherlands is unable to follow the most basic security practices. The system that was hacked was a linux system that was unpatched. This allowed the hackers free access to other servers in use by the KPN for their internal network. KPN stated they formed a 100-man team working day & night to stop the hack; but only after intervention of the FOX-IT security firm were they able to stop the unauthorised access to the compromised server. KPN stated they acted as fast as they could; after it became apparent that the hackers were able to theoretically take down the emergency telephone number in the netherlands, 112 (911 in the USA) . Since maintaining this number is regulated by law in the netherlands, KPN als have informed the dutch equivalent of the SEC.

Submission + - Windows 8 Features That Have Linux Roots (itworld.com)

itwbennett writes: "As details about new features in Windows 8 started to be discussed in the Building 8 blog and bandied about in Linux/Windows forums, Linux users were quick to chime in with a hearty 'Linux had that first' — even for things that were just a natural evolution, like native support for USB 3.0. So ask not 'did Linux have this first', but 'does Windows 8 do it better?'"

Submission + - Google Maps over SSL is not-resistant against traffic analysis attacks (ioactive.com)

An anonymous reader writes: A researcher from IOActive has shown that even when a user is browsing Google Maps over SSL the traffic can still be deciphered. This can be done by simply looking at the request and response sizes and correlating them with a spidered database containing the image sizes of the tiles that actually make up the Google Maps application.
Operating Systems

Best OS For Netbooks and Underpowered Tablets? 272

vigmeister writes "I hopped on the netbook bandwagon early this year in a rather odd fashion by picking up an outdated portable tablet (Fujitsu P1510) which just about matches the latest, greatest netbooks for their performance and portability features, while nipping them by managing to give me a better battery life. I've been happy using XP Tablet on this machine until recently, when I started thinking that by optimizing the OS for targeted use, I may be able to squeeze more out of the device. So, my questions are: What OS would you recommend for a netbook/outdated laptop? Usage is typically light — web surfing (with multimedia), email, word processing, spreadsheet and reading PDFs. Also, what OS would you recommend for a ultraportable tablet? Usage is similar to a netbook; there's a little more document editing going on, and good handwriting recognition and note-taking software would be great." Read on for further details about vigmeister's question.

Submission + - Comcast Internet Acting Up Lately? 2

ohxten writes: "Ever since Comcast announced it would start prioritizing it's user's internet bandwidth, I've been having a lot of trouble with their internet services. For a period of about an hour every other day (sometimes longer, like tonight) at different times of the day, the internet has been either extremely sluggish or inoperable. VoIP phone calls (through Vonage) don't work and I can't send any emails that have attachments. It takes a very long time to make a connection to a website before the content loads. It's not a DNS issue because I've tried 3rd party servers, such as OpenDNS, with no difference. I'm in a pretty sparsely populated area, so I highly doubt it's being caused by an excess usage of bandwidth by others on the same network.

Is it just a problem in my area or are others experiencing this as well?"

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