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Comment Getting ads even though you pay (Score 1) 439

if you don't want to pay for or use ad-subsidized hardware, pay for the ad-free version

I have relatives who pay for cable television, yet there are still ads. What's the ad-free version of cable news or cable sports?

or buy something else.

If an ad-subsidized product undercuts the market to the point where everybody else either licenses Apple's patent or leaves the market, what should I buy instead? At some point, to avoid being annoyed by advertisements, one has to leave behind most of the twentieth century, let alone the twenty-first.

Comment Re:So, no benefits? (Score 1) 11

I could argue that committed relationships benefit society

Then please do so, because I, for one, am damned sick and tired of being discriminated against because I'm single. And there are the old couples who have been married for decades and have to divorce because one of them becomes ill, putting them both in poverty.

I can see tax breaks for parents, whether single, married, or cohabitating, but to give tax breaks to a couple is more than unfair. They can have two salaries, but only one houuse payment and no or little more untilities than a single person. They each have someone to help, singles don't, yet married couples get tax breaks.

What benefits to society? I see more detriments than benefits; domestic violence, for one. It's better to leave than to get your head bashed in, but that's hard to do when married.

How do childless committed relationships benefit society?

Comment Re:That's VERY impressive. (Score 1) 207

I actually meant "mouse embryos", since that's what TFA and our lab's work was about. Yes, zebrafish are easier -- in fact, you can get varieties that stay transparent into adulthood, which opens all sorts of possibilities. But there are a lot of things you can do in mouse models that you can't do in fish or whatnot.

Comment Re:Stop intervening in the market place (Score 2, Interesting) 159

A lot of this stuff is simply too expensive and we need to figure out ways to make drug research less expensive.

Most of the cost of drugs isn't research, it's profits. But I'm ok with 20 year patents; I wish copyrights were as sane a length.

Doctors are part of the problem. Back when I was on Paxil, the patent ran out on it. I'd been paying a $20 co-pay on a bottle (no idea what retail price was, that's another reason drugs are so expensive), as soon as the patent ran out I got generics for $5.

Next time I saw the doctor she changed the prescription to PaxilCR, which was newly patented -- and didn't work for me at all, while the old generic paroxitine did.

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