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Submission + - Theologian attempts censorship after losing public ( 3

RockDoctor writes: Theologian John Haught publicly debated prominent evolutionary scientist and atheist Jerry Coyne at the University of Kentucky back in October. Before the debate, both parties agreed to the debate being video-taped. Coyne is of the opinion that he convincingly won the debate over Haught. But we'll never know, because Haught, with the assistance of staff at University of Kentucky who sponsored the debate, is banning publication of the video of the event. They are even refusing to release the half of the debate containing Coyne's comments and questions, which is his intellectual property. And that latter is theft, plain and simple, in addition to Haught's cowardice.

Submission + - NASA beginning into research into tractor beams (

Bizzeh writes: "From the BBC, "US space agency Nasa has funded a study of "tractor beams" to gather samples for analysis in future missions.

The $100,000 (£63,000) award will be used to examine three laser-based approaches to do what has until now been the stuff of science fiction.""


Submission + - Apple's App Store shame (

An anonymous reader writes: Why are there so many free games listed in the top 10 grossing games over in Apple's App Store? Because some feature exorbitant in-app purchase fees for virtual items.

ZDNet reports:

'Developing ‘free’ games aimed specifically at children, and then bundling ridiculously priced in-app purchases inside those ‘free’ games feels scammy to me. Sure, it’s not illegal, and it’s not against Apple’s developer terms and conditions, but Apple is a company that prides itself in protecting users from harm. Most of the game developers do make an attempt to warn users that the game ‘changes real money for additional in-app content’ but it’s a lame attempt. It’s easily missed, and kids aren’t going to read it anyway.'


Submission + - Successful Progress Spacecraft Launch is Welcome N (

Zothecula writes: The future of the International Space Station (ISS) became more secure on Sunday, October 30, 2011 when the Russian space agency, Rosocosmos carried out a successful launch of an unmanned Progress spacecraft. The 15,718 lb (7,130 kg) cargo ship carried its three tons of supplies into orbit and successfully deployed its solar arrays without incident. This launch confirms that the Soyuz-U launch vehicle is once again safe to carry the manned spacecraft needed to ferry crews to the ISS.

Submission + - Authorities Seize Duqu's C&C Servers in Mumbai (

wiredmikey writes: In Mumbai, Indian authorities seized components from servers in a data center after Symantec informed them that they were communicating with the command and control (C&C) infrastructure used by Duqu, the Trojan that is touted as the precursor to the next Stuxnet.

According to a report from Reuters, officials the Department of Information Technology in India seized hard drives and other components from a server hosted in a Mumbai data center.

Security vendors and government labs are are worried that malware such as Duqu and Stuxnet are the building blocks needed in order for attackers to target critical infrastructure. Based on the initial analysis of Duqu, many researchers warned that it was the second generation development of Stuxnet, but this is still the subject of much debate, with some experts now saying that the connection between the two malicious programs is questionable.


Submission + - What your IT dept wish you knew about requesting s (

davidmwilliams writes: ""Help us help you" is nowhere as strained as is in the corporate environment where users wail their IT dept don't want to help them, and IT laments that users simply can't log tickets properly. Can the twain meet? Here are some tips for end users to explain just why IT want you to communicate in a particular way and what you can do to leverage the helpdesk system, ensuring yourself more rapid support!"

Submission + - Ballmer Slams Android As 'Cheap,' Overcomplicated ( 1

jfruhlinger writes: "On the day Android Ice Cream Sandwich was released, Steve Ballmer livened up the Web 2.0 conference by lobbing potshots at Google's mobile OS, calling it the choice of "cheap" phones and claiming "the biggest advantage we have over Android is that you don’t need to be a computer scientist to use a Windows Phone.""

Submission + - Teacher Union Tries To Block Online Courses ( 1

itwbennett writes: "University of California officials and state analysts say that expanding online courses could help them 'innovate out of the current crisis.' But the lecturers whose jobs are at stake see it differently. Now the UC chapter of the American Federation of Teachers is fighting to block online courses."

Submission + - Vint Cerf: Media tagging can be disconcerting (

coondoggie writes: "Cerf says he profoundly feels how the advent of cameras everywhere and the ability to post video and photos online can be hugely disconcerting. He recounts how he stepped once off a helicopter for a meeting in Brazil and minutes later was informed a video of himself doing that had been posted to YouTube, something he found to be a discomforting experience. He says getting constant notes about being "tagged" in online photos from social networking sites such as Facebook still remains a bit of a jolt."

Submission + - Better Business Bureau Gets a Lesson in Web Securi (

seanieb64 writes: "Kevin" writes that he found an iframe injected into the homepage of the Wordpress installation at the Better Business Bureau Blog site that attempted to download malware. He suspects the malware was active and being delivered late as Monday afternoon. His attempts to contact the BBB apparently went unanswered until the media was involved.
Wireless Networking

Submission + - T-Mobile and Walmart Offer 4G With No Contract (

tekgoblin writes: "Walmart and T-Mobile announced today that they will be offering Unlimited Web and Text for only $30 a month no contract. The first 5 GB of data transferred will be over 4G speeds while the rest will be 2G or Edge. The $30 a month plan will also include 100 minutes of talk and unlimited texting. So this plan isn’t for the heavy talkers more the texters and internet users."

Submission + - Google announces Dart programming language ( 1

MrSeb writes: "A few days after Google was caught registering a bunch of Dart-related domain names, and the inevitable storm of speculation, it has now emerged that Dart is a new programming language for "structured web programming." The language will be unveiled by Gilad Bracha (co-author of Java) and Lars Bak (creator of Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine) on October 10 at the Goto conference in Aarhus, Denmark.

We can only guess at the language's characteristics and feature set until then, but we can infer a few things: Google has already released one language in recent history — Go — so we can assume that Dart won't be a C-like system-oriented language. With the "structured web programming" moniker, it's also likely to be some kind of interpreted, in-the-browser language — so more like JavaScript or Python, and less like Java or other compiled languages. One of the biggest hints, though, is that both Bracha and Bak have worked extensively with Smalltalk in the past — and an interpreted Smalltalkesque language would fit right into the "structured web programming" mold, too."


Submission + - Booktrack Adds Music and Sound Effects to eBooks (

Zothecula writes: There's no doubt that a soundtrack can significantly enhance the immersiveness and emotional impact of films and TV programs. But can some audio accompaniment do the same thing for books? New York City-based startup Booktrack thinks so and has released an iOS app — with an Android app also on the way — that adds soundtracks to eBooks. As the user reads they can listen to ambient background noise relevant to the book's current setting, specific sound effects synchronized to the text as it is read, and music. But does a soundtrack "boost the reader's imagination and engagement" as the company states, or does it just create another distraction to be overcome when delving into a book on the bus on the way home? Gizmag decided to download the app and find out.

Submission + - Fukushima and Chernobyl side-by-side (

gbrumfiel writes: "It's now been six months since an earthquake and tsunami sparked a triple meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. New data from the Japanese government is now allowing a closer comparison of the fallout from the disaster with the Chernobyl. In terms of Cs-137, the contaminant of greatest concern, Fukushima appears to be about a fifth as bad as Chernobyl. Nature News has a Google Earth mash-up that lets you see the two accidents together. Nature also reports that chaos and bureaucracy are slowing efforts to research the crisis."

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