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Comment Re:Nuclear (Score 1) 172

I'm all for nuclear as a source of clean energy, but having multiple sources of clean/renewable energy is a Good Thing.

I've never understood why we don't use spacecraft to transport depleted uranium into space, given how much "space" matter enters our atmosphere and increases the volume of our planet on a daily basis. I guess that's technically interfering with the normal processes of natural design because at the moment, our planet keeps gaining mass (the loss of atmospheric molecules to solar wind is much less than the amount of accretion via meteors/meteorites every day). If we "make it lose mass", we're interfering. Then again, altering the low-level surface winds and IR radiation effects with 'wind and solar' does, too, but proponents don't seem to mind that. Why don't those proponents shift their focus toward "not minding" the release of depleted uranium into space? Unless, of course, we can find a way to 100% reuse that depleted matter in the future... I digress.

Comment Re:Nuclear (Score 1) 172

The issue with Wind and Solar is that they require large areas to be installed on (and power distribution, but I'll focus on the former).

That is an issue. Fortunately there are large areas available to install them on, both on land and at sea.

Progressives have been brainwashed by the Renewable cartel, just like Conservatives were by the Fossil Fuel Cartel.

Or, they realize that we'll continue to want to use energy long after fossil fuels are no longer practical to use, and are making sure we'll have the ability to do so.

Would nuclear plants help solve that problem? They absolutely would, but only if they get built -- and post-Fukushima/Chernobyl, not many people want them built; fewer still want to pay the huge amounts of money it takes to secure them forever against all conceivable failure modes. Is that "brainwashing"? I guess you could call it that; another way to look at it is that people have seen what nuclear power is capable of, and decided they don't want it.

I'd say that nuclear-fission power is in a similar position to fuel cells -- advanced technology with lots of promise, but trailing so badly behind the competition at this point that (barring some miraculous technological leap forward) it probably won't ever catch up and be competitive against other approaches.

I'm going to laugh when "eco people" blame the changes in the localized weather patterns on global warming and other shit before accepting that their disruption of the boundary layer (surface-> ~= 0-100-1000ft) winds is absorbing energy that fuels weather. (Planetary Boundary Layer)

I'm "crazy" because I can see the future, but I already see lawsuits being filed against companies and neighbors for disruption of outdoor comfort at home (in the future, less than 20 years away).

Comment Re:Not just americans ... (Score 1) 190

We're in the same operation. I'm IT, tend to distance myself from electronics, etc. Your story basically dead-on.

What I have to share with you is something I've shared before on here - a day at the mall and a shaking head, reaffirming my belief that this social media crap (especially the younger generation) is absolute garbage and creates a lack of social development.....

I went to the mall one day with a friend who uses FB, Twitter, all that shit, but doesn't impart any of it on me or even talk about it. That's cool of him to do. Anyhow, we're walking in the mall and see one of those center depressions where there is a semi-circle sofa with steps leading down to it for people to "relax" or something. Hell if I know what you call it. There are roughly 10 teens sitting on this semi-circle couch. Every single one of them has their head bent down and from a distance looks like they've lost consciousness. At a closer distance, they are all doing shit on their "who's got the coolest-style case" smartphones. I asked my buddy to stop for a minute for observation... This is what I saw:

Not a single one of them looked at another or talked to another. They were all using FaceBook mobile app. About twice a minute, you'd hear two of them snort (mini-low energy-laugh snort) as an indication there was some sort of mental trigger action going down. I'm assuming two would be looking at the same post or something on FB or laughing at the post of another. We stood there for over 10 minutes and eventually walked away because a head did not come up once. The same activity just continued, almost like something you'd expect in "The Real World in The Matrix Trilogy", but ya know, not encased or in liquid. Just stares at the phone, constant hand motions on the phone, occasional dual-snorting, maybe a leg twitch, and long periods of silence while finger-swiping. I told my buddy we needed to leave because this was getting to the point of scary from my generation X/Y crossover era development and observation. Bud agreed and we slowly walked away, still looking back to see if a head would raise or one of them would blow their nose or scratch an itch. Nothing. ...And that's all I got ta say about that.

Comment Re:Quick way to quit Facebook (Score 1) 190

I was getting annoyed about Facebook and finding that I was spending time on it and not really finding it worthwhile, but the monkey-brain habit was already ingrained so I kept going back. I honestly stopped the habit completely with just a couple steps:

1. Uninstall the Facebook app
2. If I ever end up opening Facebook in the browser, log out completely when I'm done, and don't save the password or username

Turns out that when I have to go through several steps (open browser, navigate to Facebook, type in username, type in password) it's disruptive enough to the mindless "Check Facebook" routine I had developed that it killed it entirely. I went from checking it 5-6 times a day to checking it once or twice a month, and life is much better.

I expected to get back on FB to meet old friends / acquaintances from HS (maybe more). I goofed around and tried to get into "that thing" for a while and eventually found my best friend (ha) from the time. He had dreams of becoming a pilot. Turns out he actually DID. He was a passenger plane pilot and got to fly all around the globe. It was cool seeing pictures and reading short stories (he seemed to stay away from the constantly show a new female and alcohol in every picture). Anyhow, I talked to him for a while and he did the whole "HEY BRO!!!! Man we haven't talked in forever. When I'm in Cincy next, I'll get ahold of you and we can hang out!"

I waited and waited. I eventually saw that he came back and met up with "girls he knew here". Pictures, quick stories about going to bar x and hop z... Then he was gone again. No mention of me, no email, no phone or SMS contact, nothing. I waited a while longer (let's say over a year, no joke). He was coming into town for xmas with the family. I mentioned that we should hang out while he's in town and he responded with, "Yeah. We should! I'll call ya as soon as I get a chance and we'll do stuff."

Nothing. I prompted him for info as to when he was departing the area the day after xmas but got no response. I saw pictures from above the upper level cirrus clouds posted to his FB account on the flight he was piloting somewhere to continue work.

Repeat same things for another year - nothing but, "Yeah! I can't wait to see you! It's been so long and there's a lot we need to catch up on, bro!"

After getting dodged another year, I literally said, out loud, "What in the fuck am I wasting my time on this stupid site for?"

I deleted my account (which, of course it says it will keep inactive and ready to re-engagement for 6 months). I haven't touched it since.

I created a twitter account to get in contact with a female friend (messed around with, heh) from the past and got nothing but ignored and blocked. Deleted that account.

I have been perfectly fine without it. There are some places that reference "news" or a "story" or "pictures" or "[insert name of information here]" that are on FB, but you can't see it unless you log in first. Never did; just searched Google for the same information and found it and references to it. I have not had one single session of any "social media" crap since. My life is just fine. Sure, I miss out on the latest "meme viral joke thing" or "stupid picture or video of dumb shit that over 100,000,000 viewers have watched". I see other people at work and a relative (on xmas visit she comes into town) who are doing "that thing" where they need to constantly respond to something, laugh at something that no one else has a clue about, or post on their own and verbally indicate to "their friends" with a little chortle that there's something for them to group together and laugh about if they all just pull out their phones and go to the FB thing.

Then, I looked at how much time people spend on it every day. It's more time than I've spent writing this comment, multiplied by at least 3.

I still get by just fine without it or any desire for it. I must be a sick person who needs mental help or the latest antidepressant medication (whatever it is these days). LOL!

Comment Re:I cut off FB a month ago. It's been a good mont (Score 1) 190

Damnit, you're giving me more reason to think about the (joking but probably would work) plan of getting FB cut off for 6 hours and seeing the horrible response and ultimate feeling of helplessness and inability to function that people would demonstrate. Make it 12 and we're getting near danger level. Leave it cut off for over 24 and it would be the ultimate equivalent of doomsday fear. The. World. Is. Ending.

I copyright this, so no one is allowed to go make a movie out of it. :)

Comment Re:Hard wired (Score 1) 190

Bravo and tipping of the proverbial hat to a scholar!

It's excellent to see that some people still understand that Humans aren't this magical thing that has power no other animal does, while at the same time being able to change "the world" in any way, at any time they want without repercussions.

I admire your intellect; a large part of all "we" have left.

Comment Re:Not a problem at all (Score 1) 1149

Under Federal law, employers generally cannot discriminate against employees on the basis of:

Religious Affiliation
National Origin
Military Affiliation
Genetic Information
Citizenship Status

Funny, political party isn't up there. What a wonderful false equivalence you've devised.

And don't forget bona fide occupational qualifications! If the job skill required is logical thought and the prospective seeker voted for Trump, that'd be legal discrimination even if they *were* a protected group. Which, again, you're... I mean, *they're* not.

What I'm getting at is that there's always "a way". You just need an alternative. "The position is no longer available (but one with a different ID is and there just happens to be the person we want to hire already signed up for it)." How about, "The job description and requirements have changed (to make sure there's something in there that you don't have as a legal excuse, even though the person we want to hire has that one but is missing four other ones)". It's amazing.

Comment Re:Is this the internet? (Score 1) 53

Can you see this, am I dfoing it right. Am I on the Web now or the Internit?

Now, wait.. You're jumping in a little too soon. After losing this suit and a troll..err...scroll of other suits, RIM/BlackBerry will declare that it created the Internet as we know it today, you know, because ummm... like... uhhhh..... there wouldn't be mobile-slanted stuff if.. they... didn' uhhh.... and there would Internet *drools*

Comment Re:BB is officially dead (Score 1) 53

Oh Christ defend us from the BB apologists. It has a large pile of cash from ye olden days, and while there's some QNX growth, it's hardly stellar. The company is a shell of what it used to be and has been fucking around with cash flows for a couple of years now by selling off assets.

It is very much indeed well on its way to patent trolling, as was predicted as its hardware sales crashed.

Blah, blah blah. It's so boring when you speak the truth. ;)

Comment Re:*points and laughs* (Score 1) 53

That's like a zombie wanting to eat the brains of another zombie.

Hey now, you wouldn't be able to see what the brains of a zombie look like on your mobile phone if it weren't for BlackBerry's radio technology. They, not the service providers, Siemens, Motorola, etc made everything!!!!!!! Now where do I put the trademark symbol again, after or before the exclamation points? Do I have to use caps?

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