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Submission + - Product Uses Sensors to Transform Daily Tasksy (

Zothecula writes: How many times when you were a kid complaining about doing something boring were you told to make a game of it? If your parents and teachers were anything like mine, probably quite a few. Looks like the folks behind Green Goose might have copped the same treatment – they have come up with a system that turns boring tasks like brushing your teeth and exercising into a game that awards the 'player' with lifestyle points for completing various everyday tasks, in much the same way as players earn experience points in role playing games.

Submission + - SPAM: Google Attack’s File Sharing Sites Adsense R

themusicvoid writes: Great article looking into Google's announcement that they will be implementing a number of anti-piracy measures, in the wake that they have been accused of profiting from the proceeds of copyright infringement. Is this a step, finally, in the right direction? Well worth checking out.
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