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Comment The criteria must be explicitly stated and equally (Score 1) 340

None of that "up to moderator discretion" BS.

For example, Kellyanne Conway is known for saying/writing things (including untruths) which results in a torrent of hostile and trolling tweets sent her way.

Other prominent figures such as journalists and activists are also known to say things (including untruths) that result in hostile tweet storms directed their way.

Would a barrage of calling someone dumb constitute abuse and harassment? We need clarity and transparency.

Comment Re:Wikileaks (Score 1) 211

When you were a supporter, Wikileaks was leaking mostly information that was embarrassing or damaging to the United States. Was that bias against the US? If not (since you imply they used to not be biased), then how can they be biased for releasing information that was embarrassing or damaging to a US political party?

Was Wikileaks anti-American when you were a supporter? If they were, why did you support them and falsely claim they were unbiased. If they weren't, how can you claim that they have only now become biased?

Are you judging "bias" through your own political filters?

Comment Re:Wikileaks (Score 1) 211

If you're verified, your real name is out there with your consent. If your real name is out there, then a whole host of publicly available information about you is accessible. Nothing proposed by Wikileaks here deals with private or secret information. Relationship graphs of real people are what Twitter and Facebook ALREADY POSSESS internally, and they sell that information to businesses for a price. Wikileaks proposes to build its own just like what Twitter and Facebook ALREADY POSSESS, accessible to all not locked away for the highest bidder.

If this is troubling then the mere existence of Twitter and Facebook should be troubling.

Comment Re:palpable irony. (Score 1) 404

If sanctions didnt work for Ukrane, they wont work here.

Sanctions have hurt Russia, and as a tool they are highly effective for the US, HOWEVER don't expect new sanctions to be a response to hacking. Any new sanction will most likely be a response to US setbacks in Syria that are made in the guise of responding to hacking during the election.

Why do I say this? China has hacked the US many times in the past with few repercussions outside of reprimands. Sanctions in response to hacking would be extraordinarily atypical.

Comment Yes but how did hack lead to Trump win? (Score 5, Interesting) 404

What happened that we truly know of:
  1. In the summer of 2015, someone (evidence points to Russian) spear-phished passwords from unsavvy staffers on the DNC email server
  2. Almost a year later, Wikileaks publishes a dump of DNC emails. It is assumed by many to have come from the previous infiltration, though there are other ways Wikileaks could have obtained the data, and no definitive link connecting the two events have so far been presented.
  3. Through the email dump, the American public is able to see the DNC's inner workings, including:
    - party officials colluding to hinder Bernie Sanders
    - party insider helping the Clinton campaign to cheat during debate
    - astroturf campaign to create illusion of spontaneous public protest against opponent
    - journalists coordinating with party officials to ensure party messaging is on track
4. Some voters may have reconsidered their voting decisions, or even the decision to participate in this cycle, due to the above information.
5. Critical states of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania which were assumed to be safe states for Clinton (and who as a result did not campaign aggressively there), instead fall to Trump during the general election, ensuring a GOP win.

What the press & defeated party instead want you to think:
  1. Russia hacked America
  2. Trump is now the President
  3. "... we're not saying Trump administration is a creation of the Russian state... *wink wink nudge nudge* but the Trump administration is obviously a creation and stupid dumb puppet of the Russian state... for realz tho... also, don't listen to fake news"

There is an immense effort right now to make us take mental shortcuts, to skip certain events in our memories, to forget that certain misdeeds were done not by Russians but by Americans.

Comment Re: Buuuuuullshit (Score 3, Interesting) 736

See, this GP and reply is exactly the conversation I seem to see most often online about Musk/Tesla/SpaceX. An ostensibly right-leaning (or libertarian) commenter will praise Musk for doing something privately that rivals and even surpasses NASA. Which is then followed by a rebuttal by an ostensibly left-leaning commenter who tries to point out the subsidies and public research further up the stream that fed into these successes.

This is why it's very weird to read this Slashdot post about right-wing people trying to take down Musk. In my experience, the right wing folks have been very enthusiastic in holding him up as a triumph of capitalism, and as a literal John Galt brought out of the pages of fiction into our reality.

Comment I don't think Trump supporters care (Score 2) 559

Some just wanted job protection, and others wanted to stick it to the establishment. Climate change skepticism was hardly on anyone's minds on the right. They're probably still euphoric from seeing the left break down in tears on election night, and will forgive broken promises for now.

You know what's funny? Seems like if you want to get things done, you need a Democrat to start wars, and a Republican to protect the environment. That way, the left largely stays silent as countries get attacked, and the right largely stays silent as regulations are imposed.

Comment The other meaning of Orwellian (Score 4, Insightful) 361

"[...]The argument that to tell the truth would be ‘inopportune’ or would ‘play into the hands of’ somebody or other is felt to be unanswerable, and few people are bothered by the prospect of the lies which they condone getting out of the newspapers and into the history books." -George Orwell, The Prevention of Literature

The truth remains the truth, even if unsavory people are beneficiaries of it.

Submission + - SPAM: Soros-linked corporation supplies voting machines to 16 States

mi writes: Remember, how suspicious (and wrong!) it was for Diebold, whose management openly supported Bush, to be supplying voting machines? We even discussed it here over the years...

Well, a Soros-linked company from the UK is supplying 16 States with voting hardware this year. Will there be a comparable amount of suspicion?

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