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Submission + - Touch Book, dual core netbooks, or an iPad?

pjfontillas writes: With Always Innovating always innovating — in case you didn't notice there's a blinking message stating that at the beginning of the summer they will release a new product — and news of dual core netbooks on the rise should I hold off on buying a new netbook? The iPad is somewhat old news and a bit of a problem due to its restrictions but I figured it's worth a mention.

I know the Touch Book is on a different level than dual core netbooks — in terms of power, how it's used, and how the Touch Book runs on customized software and a chip that supposedly doesn't support Windows (fine by me!) — but regardless, I'm currently looking to buy one or the other.

I just want to browse the web, view and edit some documents, and occasionally stream standard — don't care for HD — video/audio, and remote desktop/SSH. I don't think any of those require a lot of processing power. The Touch Book looks like it will provide an interesting experience while supposedly lasting somewhere around 10-12 hours, while dual core netbooks should provide more power but may drain battery life.

My questions may seem specific but this topic is really quite open. I'm simply interested in what /. has to say.

Thanks for your time, everyone. I appreciate it.

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