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PlayStation (Games)

Submission + - PlayStation Plus (Sucks)

pjfontillas writes: Usually when I get an email from Sony with the subject "Here's your PlayStation Store update" I quickly skim through it and move on. This one made me do a double-take, actual reading, and finally clicking through to learn more about it. PlayStation Plus is a service designed to make Sony more money. PlayStation Plus promo

Let's be honest, that's all it ever would be. However, the last part of the PlayStation Plus description, if possible, swiftly kicked me in the balls when I wasn't paying attention: "All free games and add-ons are yours to keep and use the entire time you are a PlayStation®Plus subscriber. All this, and much more." Much more? Sweet! UGH. Wait, what? The free stuff you give me can only be used while I'm a subscriber? So it's not really free? More like... on loan or something? I know you want my money, and I might be willing to give it to you, but don't tell me something is free when it really isn't. Sony Exec: Free? Are you kidding me? Hahahahaha!!!!

God was willing to set aside a few moments of his/her/its eternally busy/hectic/non-existant (whatever floats your boat, or sinks it, whatever...) schedule to comment on that last article stating that "I don’t understand why this is news? Sony clearly spelled this out when they first announced the service. Here’s another news flash: When your phone contract expires, your phone will not have the ability to make/receive calls."

Thank you for your input, God. But seriously, why are you, of all people/things, unable to understand human nature? You made us, right? RIGHT?

You're comparing apples to oranges, and you really seem to dislike apples. When paying for a phone subscription you know what you're getting, and they never tell you that what you're getting is actually free, because... they're not lying to you (at least not completely). Sony is telling you that with PlayStation Plus you're getting something for free when, at first glance is "free", it's actually not.

This PlayStation Plus subscription really reeks, because if successful who knows what else they'll eventually throw into the pot and label "VIP access only"? Free online play? Let's hope not.

Feel free to talk to God (who is apparently a geek) about this, on or here on /. I'm sure God will see it regardless.

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