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Journal Journal: I decided to submit a story again

I found what I thought was great story. I submitted it and what a change in the process now. Instead of it getting rejected in 30 seconds it has been on the fire hose for over a month. It quickly turned orange ( I still don't know what that means ) and stayed there. I guess the story is dead in the water.

I'm sure it will get deleted so here is the story for the 2 people who accidentally ended up here.

I found this article that explains CBS's real reason for the Start Trek fan film crack down. They say they are trying to stop huge money making productions full of ex Trek actors( Renegades probably) and they will ignore any small productions now and in the future.
Quoted from the article "Van Citters stressed that the guidelines were not designed to quash fan films... âoeThatâ(TM)s not what weâ(TM)re trying to do here,â Responding to compiled fan questions, Van Citters explained that CBS wonâ(TM)t be going after pre-existing Star Trek fan films which donâ(TM)t adhere to the new guidelines, nor will it be actively reviewing and policing new ones for compliance. The question is, can they be trusted not to sue any group making a fan film after the new rules came out?

I know there wasn't room for my story so they can post many more dupes.
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Journal Journal: I figured out how to solve the great post by coward problem

If logged in users copied great posts by cowards and put them as a reply, Karma can be given to that person and the post can become top level. I let lots of mod points expire because I will not mod up a coward. I assume that most cowards post as such because their user name is known and they are too lazy to make a new one or are just lazy. I do not want to promote laziness.

It would also be great if on April 1st no coward posting would be allowed.

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Journal Journal: Cowards, please stop posting good stuff. 1

No mater how good someone posts, I will not up-mod a coward. There are so many of them now and almost none of them have a valid reason for posting anonymously.

Please Slashdot add a new down-mode called "coward" which can be used to say good post, I would have up-moded you if you didn't post as coward.
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Journal Journal: troll

I got my first double troll mod, I must be doing something right.

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Journal Journal: Hearing test

Re:Where are the 'real' reviews of peripherals (Score:2)
by pjbgravely (751384) writes: on 11-22-10 10:43 PM (#34313694)
Did you ever think it might be your sound card?
I've always been able to hear high pitches no one else could, like the whine of a CRT high voltage.
Now I fail all those high frequency tests and I have been wondering if it is my real tech audio that crashes when ever there is high CPU usage.
With this story I will add a sound card and will have to retest.
-- I thought it was about time to change my sig. Too bad I have nothing on my mind.

Re:Where are the 'real' reviews of peripherals (Score:2) by Rockoon (1252108) writes: on 11-23-10 09:50 AM (#34317476) You simply got older. -- "We believe that Internet Explorer is a really good browser" - Steve Jobs, 1997

I posted the above a while ago and I finally disabled the dieing realtek sound chip on my MB, and installed an SB Live 24bit PCI card.

I did a bunch of hearing test and although my hearing is reduced at above 16kHZ I can still hear up to 22kHz.
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Journal Journal: Submitting stories

I have submitted a few stories here, and they have always been rejected. Most get axed in 15 min but one made it a whole 1/2 hour. So far none of them have been dupes. The last 2 stories I was going to submit ended up on the front page so maybe I am learning what the editors like.

Anyway, I decided to submit a poll too see how fast that got rejected. So far the poll I submitted on Sunday January 22, @05:20PM is still pending, almost 4 months. Maybe they will actually use it, but it probably got lost somewhere.
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Journal Journal: Me, Myself, and I

This is who I am. First I suffer from Cluster headaches, a rare illness with no known cause and cure. If you would like to know more, check out my gallery on the subject. I am a hacker at heart but not quite there. I am a Linux user, I love being able to do what you want with my computer. I am unemployed with no prospects in my line of work. Change is coming soon. If I stay on-line I will try to update this when my life finally takes a turn. I am a bad speller and I didn't want to spell check this. I am a photographer but don't have a good camera. I also have and use Gravely tractors, the old cast iron two wheelers. I love them because they are made to last forever.

That's all for now,


PS I lied, I did do a spell check

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