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Submission + - 16 year old discovers cure for Cystic Fibrosis ( 1

Bob the Super Hamste writes: According to yahoo new a 16 year old Canadian 11th grade student has discovered a possible cure for Cystic Fibrosis. The treatment is a drug combination that in a computer simulation on the Canadian SCINET supercomputing network appeared to cure the symptoms. He has also tested the drug combination on living cell with "results exceeded his expectations".

Submission + - Rise Of Internet Pharmacies = Drug Usage Increase (

gabbo529 writes: "A recent report has linked the rise of prescription drug abuse to an increasing amount of rogue online pharmacies, which dispense medications without a doctor's prescription. The report, led by researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and the University of Southern California (USC), found states with the greatest expansion of high-speed Internet access from 2000 to 2007 simultaneously had the largest increase in admissions for treatment of prescription drug abuse. Furthermore, the study's authors said the rising use of painkillers such as Percocet and Oxycontin has directly corresponded with an increasing amount of rogue online pharmacies."

Submission + - Finnish student accidentally hacked Blogger? ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: Google's blogging service went down yesterday without further information:
Today one Finnish student was panicking that it might have been an accidental hack to another account that lead Google to shutdown Blogger temporarely. This might be related to the recent updates on the blogging platform.


Submission + - SPAM: Fisher Capital Management Scam Prevention News: 2G

samanthabreant writes: "[spam URL stripped]
Pradeep Thakur, TNN, Apr 11, 2011, 12.53am IST

The Enforcement Directorate will call former telecom minister A Raja for interrogation some time next week.
NEW DELHI: The Enforcement Directorate has initiated proceedings under the stringent Prevention of Money Laundering Act against former telecom minister A Raja and will call him for interrogation some time next week.

ED intends to begin the process of attaching properties found to be linked to proceeds of payoffs allegedly linked to the allocation of 2G spectrum licences in 2008 when Raja was minister, official sources said."

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Submission + - Exploit Hits Guy Who Tweeted OL Raid (

RedEaredSlider writes: The man who tweeted the Osama bin Laden raid — Sohaib Athar — has a blog, and it was hit by an exploit called 'Black Hole,' which seeks out vulnerabilities. He cleaned it up, but the attack on his blog just shows that you might want to keep that copy of Wordpress updated.

Submission + - Does anybody believe that.. ( 1

Paracelcus writes: Does anybody believe that Bin Ladin was killed on Sunday?
It would seem that he's been dead since 2001, So is it propaganda? How about the "spontaneous" demonstrations outside the White House, rather like the Soviet era "spontaneous" demonstrations that used to crop up as punctuating important propaganda events.

Submission + - PSN Hack Could Have Been An Inside Job (

An anonymous reader writes: Just days before PSN was "hacked," Sony fired over 200 employees in their online division.

In Sony massive corporation style thinking, once March 31th, 2011 rolls around they decide to get rid of any "dead-weight", in this case, employees they think are "useless" or no longer needed so they can close off the "year-end books" with various "claimed losts" to save corporation taxes, just like any big massive corporation thinks, only for themselves and their "bottom line", not for the little human beings slaving away everyday for their profits.

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